Huge Jesus Synchronicities in Town, 410 Appearing, Lightworker Dreams & More

So this report is going to feature some more Jesus synchronicities. As always discernment is advised here.

So today I was guided to go to town and quickly. There is always a reason for being hurried as this is usually the divine timing of a synchronicity which is coming up which needs to be documented.

In this case I was guided to drive into town and eventually down this road/freeway for a while having no idea why I was going that way. At one point I had received a notification on my phone which was in my pocket. The notification occurred very shortly before being guided to make a left at a light which would lead me to a church which has a truck/billboard in front which has advertisements about Jesus on it.

The e-mail was from Justin with Stillness in the Storm and amazingly the subject matter was regarding Jesus. I got his e-mail at 11:53 AM and was guided to take some pictures with this truck/billboard as soon as I parked which was around 12:12 PM. This seemed to be the reason for the rush.


He ended a previous e-mail with the following sentence at 11:15 AM on June 7th:

“PS: I know you have Jesus dreams quite often.”

And amazingly, a customer who had ordered some orgonite about a week earlier, whose order I was guided to expedite days earlier, sent me the following pictures of the orgonite in front of photos of Jesus 12 minutes later at 11:27 AM (this was already mentioned in a previous post but the entire synchronicity wasn’t included):

Later on in the day I was guided to head to a thrift store where I was guided to take a photo in front of the dumpster with the number 460 (gematria value of ‘I Am Christ’) on it. Last time there was a gentleman going through it and I was guided to ask him to get a photo with me in front of the number on the dumpster. I thought this was going too far so I avoided it that day and just got the photo of myself instead.

But today he was there and I was being guided to do the same thing again, approach him and ask if he would get a picture with me in front of the dumpster with the number on it. He was just starting to get into his vehicle when I was deciding whether or not I was going to follow this guidance or not. At the last second I decided to take a leap of faith and just do it.

As it turns out, we share the same name and the same spelling of the name. Additionally, he is very much into spirituality and metaphysics. After getting a couple photos we talked for a while and finally parted ways. It was a great experience and we were both amazed by it. I am being guided not to include the photo at this time (amazingly though when I opened up my phone to get the camera ready I saw it was 4:10). He did give me a metal golden apple that he had. At first I declined but was guided to ask for it, and for a very good reason:


Incredibly, the gematria value of ‘Golden Apple’ is both 107 and 332 using English gematria ciphers:


10/7 was the date I first had the dream of the bible verses which began The Jesus Synchronicities and 3:32 was the time I wrote the dream down:


So after this I was guided to head back towards town and get groceries. This is where another great synchronicity manifested. The checkout time on the receipt, 6:57, is connected to the magic number 410:


If we plug 657 into Pi we see it takes position 410:


The magic 369 appears in the transaction number and as we have learned, 410 and 369 go well together:


I was guided to get a container of fruit which had the number 162 on it:


And 410 takes position 162 in Pi:


Earlier in the day though I was guided to checkout a book at the library about glaucoma (it runs in the family and I have had my eye pressure tested a few times in the past and have been told it is ‘alarmingly high’ which puts me at risk of it developing further):


Interestingly though on the way out I was guided to checkout the DVD section and was guided to take the following photo of a DVD with the title ‘In the Blink of an Eye’:


Okay this is interesting (many times I discover things later on while writing these reports), the gematria value of the title ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ is 59 which is the same value for ‘Jesus Christ’ using the same cipher. Even more interestingly, this is a movie about the Rapture:

I was guided to go to the spiritual/herbal medicine store One Root Tea which I had been guided to in the past synchronistically and see if they could offer any possible remedies.

Amazingly, after talking for a while with the shop owner and with some other people coming in and being helped and myself finally deciding on a remedy, I amazed when I saw that the checkout time on the receipt was 16:10 (4:10). It wasn’t actually 4:10 but 3:10 as the machine was observing Daylight Saving time. But on the receipt it was 4:10 on the dot:


And additionally as amazing, one of the women who came into the store was also at the grocery store later on! So I started up a conversation with her and then we went our separate ways.

After getting groceries I was guided to head back towards home. And on the way back I saw my spirit animal the wolf appear on a van:


A quick side synchronicity here, after refreshing YouTube the other day I was guided to click on a video which appeared on the front of the home page which was titled ‘Warning Dream to get ready for Jesus Christ return’. After watching this for a little bit I was amazed when the man’s shirt said ‘Wolf Pack’ on it. So the spirit animal appeared again:


But in the downtown park/court house area there was a big gathering of people who were watching a band play some music. I was guided to park and go out and start walking around. At one point the Higher Ups guided me to pick up a few items of trash from the ground and throw them away.

Then I was guided to head over towards the stage area and they guided me to get a picture of myself on the dance floor (during the band’s break) with many people watching. It doesn’t look like a lot of people from the photos but the whole area was filled with people all around watching the band:

It seemed to be a Christian-based band interestingly because two of the songs played during the break were ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson (not the most G-rated lyrics but in the song they did sing Hallelujah several times) and ‘Whatever it Takes‘ by Nate Sallie. After this I was guided to walk around some more along the walkway and then head back to the car and finally head home.

Recently I have been having more dreams featuring messages for lightworkers. This one was for someone that just happening this morning (morning of June 19th):

June 19th, 2020 06:55 AM

“[Name omitted] dream. So I was working at the hospital I used to work at when I got [Name] as a patient. They were admitted for something like confusion or something and needed someone to keep an eye on them.

So I think I got them into a room on a gurney and put a couple of blankets on them. I tried to make them as comfortable as possible. I remember some beautiful music playing in the background. I think it was a female’s voice and it seems the music was sort of like opera.

I think I remember walking around outside the room and wondering how I was going to get all of the vitals done for the other patients. I think there wasn’t enough time for that. Based on what I remember from the room and where I thought I was I think he was in room 33.

Then I remember getting a long text from [Name] about how they were okay and then I saw myself looking at a map that I think they sent me of locations for Islands of Light communities.

One of the locations seemed like a series of small remote islands somewhere here on earth I believe. I was worried that I didn’t check on them for the rest of the shift. But their text assured me they was okay I think.”

They replied with a message saying that the dream resonated with them. What was interesting was the importance of the room number they were in which was room 33. This wasn’t shown to me in the dream but I figured it out as I was thinking about where I was walking around on the floor. We know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years.

This is everything for now, thanks for your time and I wish everyone much love!

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