Synchronistic Visits to Town, Many Jesus Synchronicities, Solar Activity Synchronicities & Much More

So this report will feature some pretty intense synchronicities. As always discernment is advised here.

The biggest things as usual are Jesus synchronicities. They have been non-stop since October 7th, 2017 when I had a dream of a set of bible verses about Jesus being sent down to Earth by God (John 4:4 – 4:10):

(Bible Gateway)

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

They come in the form of dreams (prophetic and other types), visions and synchronicities and they are so powerful and incredible that it sometimes feels quite overwhelming when they are happening.

I am being told through these various methods of divine communication that I am the reincarnation of Jesus. This is coming from someone who didn’t put much stock into religion or Jesus and had a decent living working in a hospital at the time. The synchronicities, dreams and visions simply ‘turned on’ one day and haven’t turned off. The Higher Ups are basically screaming this at me at the top of their lungs with their hands waving in the air.

Since then I been guided to document these miracles in a collection of works I have been guided to call ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ and they contain the most incredible synchronicities and stories with as much proof as possible as anyone could ever, or perhaps never, imagine. They are only possible through the power of the infinitely intelligent and creative supercomputer mind that is God/Source and its (God/Source is genderless) many helpers on the other side.

Here is a great example of just one Jesus synchronicity. Recently I was guided to expedite someone’s orgonite order to a faster shipping option. There is always a reason for this and I was amazed when that person sent me two pictures of my orgonite next to Jesus some days later. I would note here that I didn’t ask them to send these photos:

Of the many amazing things manifesting during all of these synchronicities, the number 410 is front-and-center. It appears in countless places, especially connected to major historical events (Sack of Rome 410 AD, Titanic set sail 4/10, The Virginia Company established 4/10 which colonized America) world monuments (Eiffel Tower = 410 Ft each side, Empire State Building built in 410 days), TV and movies (especially pertaining to Jesus, ‘The 4400’ main character Jordan Collier taken by blue sphere of light 4/10 and ultimately plays the role of Jesus, ‘The Matrix’ Neo is basically the Second Coming and 410 appears at the end of the 1st movie), the very layers of this planet (1st layer = 410km, 2nd later 660 km = 410 miles) and almost everywhere else.

In Strong’s Concordance (indexing and translation of every word in the King James Bible in English, Hebrew and Greek written in 1890) the word assigned to the number 410 is ‘El‘ which is Hebrew for ‘God’.


Ending scene from the first Matrix movie.

4/10 is my birthday and was the maximum point of a Full Moon:

Image result for truthearth driver's license

april10full mon

I would recall the story about being at the store and being approached by a man who identified himself as an Hopi elder. He told me about their prophecies and about the changes that would be happening on the Earth. Before we went our separate ways he said that our meeting wasn’t an accident. He told me about his book which I discovered later on was published on April 10th:


Tesla spoke about the importance of the numbers 3, 6 and 9. If we take our magic number 410 and divide it by 369 we get the infinite One. This literally goes on forever, just like God/Source:

3691111 Nikola Tesla and The ¨369 Code¨: Decoding God's ...

The other divine signature that appears synchronistically is 314 which is Pi. This number is a manifestation of God/Source in that it is infinite, as is God/Source. This number has been documented many times throughout these works. Its importance is emphasized in a crop circle and by advanced extraterrestrials in the sci-fi TV show ‘Stargate SG-1’:

Banbury Castle Crop Circle

I have been slowly learning to live on faith and have been experiencing exercises with this more and more. Some of them have been quite intense. One such example happened recently while walking around on the trail up here. The sun had set and while on the way back I was being energetically pointed to a large couple of boulders and felt the guidance of ‘sleep here tonight’. I think I remember seeing those words telepathically in my mind.

I immediately agreed and they (Higher Ups) energetically guided me to the spot on the boulder they wanted me to sleep on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep but I wanted to prove my faith. So I laid flat on my back, closed my eyes and prepared to stay on that boulder all night.

After a few minutes I was guided to get up and go home. But then they would say ‘go back and sleep there tonight’. This ‘go home’/’sleep here tonight’ exercise went on for several minutes before I was finally guided to go home. But while on the way back they were having me try to do things like trying to start a fire with what’s around me (they had me look this up on my phone), hiding in the bushes and running when they told me to run. It was like a set of communication/action training exercises. I did everything they guided me to.

During a visit to a thrift store in town recently I was guided to walk around and was guided to one spot in particular and when I turned around I was looking right at Jesus:


I was guided to get a photo of a depiction of Jesus at the Salvation Army Thrift store some time recently as well:


While in town today one of the first things I was guided to do was to go to the Salvation Army Thrift store. Although before going into the store I was guided to get a photo of a beautiful depiction of a storm with a big lightning strike on the side of their building:


I was guided to buy several all-white shirts. Very interestingly, I was guided to grab one after another after another and was wondering why I would need so many shirts! But there is always a reason.

So after getting these shirts and going to checkout, I saw the total came to 24$:


The receipt says ‘slacks’ but they were all shirts.

If we plug the number 33 (amount of years Jesus allegedly lived) into the Pi calculator, we see it takes position 24. This calculator helps you find the position of a number in the infinite string of digits that is Pi. So many synchronicities have been discovered with the help of this tool:


After getting those shirts I was guided to drop off my recyclables. One thing that jumped out was an envelope on the ground which was the same as the slogan for this blog, ‘Be The Change’:


After driving back towards town I was guided to go to the historic part of Prescott and drive through that area which is usually busy. I noticed that the time on the clock was 10:48 interestingly. It looks like 10:46 but the view is a little obstructed as I was trying to get the photo as quickly as possible with the clock sign rotating and paying attention to the traffic light as I was stopped in the turning lane:


10:48 is a number that appeared in previous posts including a dream.

10 x 48 = 480 and this is the gematria value of ‘Son of God’ (בנו של אלוהים) in Hebrew:



After visiting the grocery store I made my way over to Goodwill. Several synchronicities occurred here. I was guided to get photos of the angels on the shelf. Additionally, on their price tag was the number 140 so here we see the digits of 410 appearing:

And while walking around I noticed a young man’s shirt with a motivational bible verse on it. I was guided to ask him to get a photo of it, which he kindly agreed to:

After this I was guided to checkout but my card was having problems so I couldn’t get anything there this time.

This next series of synchronicities are really amazing. I was guided to start driving towards home down a particular road instead of the one I usually take and I saw a man with a sign and I stopped at the store to get him a couple of things with the money I had left.

I couldn’t afford one of the two waters I grabbed so I had to put one back. After this I went to give the food and water to the man holding the sign but he wasn’t there.

So I was guided to stay in one area of the store parking lot and so I sat on the curb. There is always a reason for this and I thought perhaps the man would return so I could give him his food and water.

But an older gentleman was walking back to his truck and asked me from across the small parking lot if I needed a ride anywhere. This was an amazing and rare gesture which I was very grateful for. But I declined and as he was driving away he suggested that I take a bottled water from his cooler in the bed of his truck. Okay great! So I got the water that I couldn’t afford!

The number 632 appeared on the bottle of water in the phone number that was on there:


If we plug the magic 410 into the base-10/base-8 convert we get 632. This is a calculator which converts a number from one counting system to another. We use base-10 mostly and base-6 for keeping time. Many amazing synchronicities have manifested from using this converter:


After this I was guided to continue to stay in the same area so I sat on the curb. Some minutes go by and a man who looked a little rough, as in possibly homeless, was walking by and I immediately thought the food and water were for him. I was guided to go to him but not strongly which made me wonder if these things were really for him. So I walked up to him and asked if he wanted those things and he immediately agreed to a water. Okay great! Although I was hoping to give everything away.

So then I was guided to go back and sit on the curb. Some more time goes by and I am really questioning why I am there when suddenly the answer appears in the form of a Coca-Cola delivery truck whose identification number is 4443:

After taking the above picture on the right I looked at my phone time and saw it was 4:10 PM! I looked up the details of that photo using a website which tells you the time a photo was taken so you can see it was taken at 4:10 (16:10).

The number 4443 is interesting because it is a number that has appeared backwards as 3444 in a dream in December 2018. The word assigned to the number 3444 (4443 backwards) in Strong’s Concordance is ‘Yeshuah‘ which is Jesus’ name in Hebrew (literally ‘Salvation’).

After this I was guided to start heading back home. I was guided to drink the remaining water I had bought from the store, this probably meant that it wasn’t part of the divine plan to give it away to anyone.

While driving back I was guided to head to another thrift store, even though it was closed, and I noticed a man going through the dumpster and was guided to give him the food from the store. He immediately accepted it and after saying goodbye and going back to the car I noticed a couple of wolf figures in the window of the thrift store. The wolf is my spirit animal and appears in the waking and dream state to guide me:


Some time ago I was told in a dream that I was going to be embarking on a spiritual quest of many perils and that benevolent wolf beings would go ahead and make sure the path was safe for me:

December 7th 2018 03:07 AM

Had a dream where I was to go on a quest of many perils. I would be aided by these wolf/dog beings who would go ahead and clear the path for me so I could continue and complete the journey. It was like a video game. They paved steps for me and fought monsters and evil beings for me so I could traverse the path they led for me.

They are very brave beings that are doing this. I remember having to go through the entire above and below ground structure to get to the next level, I don’t know what the end game to this whole thing was. But it was an honor to be able to participate in this quest in any way, because of the sacrifices of those who would volunteer to help.

The time period seemed to be very old, like when fire was used to light the way. I don’t remember there being any technology. It was similar to playing Diablo (computer role play game).

There would always be a next step in where to go next. I think there was another version of me that would appear at times as well. Like in the cave structure. I may have been dressed in a tattered but covering robe.

After saying goodbye and getting the photo of the wolves I left and started driving back home. But then I got the energy of ‘go back’. This happens frequently as there is usually more that the Higher Ups want to have done than what I did. They guided me to get a photo of the number on the dumpster which was 460:


460 is the gematria of ‘I Am Christ’. Gematria is the ancient practice of assigning numbers to letters and adding them up to discover values which might contain hidden knowledge:

i am christ

Before the last visit to the store from earlier I had $4.60 in my account, this was after helping a few others earlier in the day:


While driving back home though there were some rocks in the road that the Higher Ups guided me to remove from the road. It was about 4 stops total before arriving home.

A great example of this big synchronicities which seem to be connected to Jesus is the M-Class solar flare which just took place and the end of last month on May 29th, 2020 at 7:24 AM UTC. Per the article from Forbes referencing a tweet from Space Weather Live, the sun had taken a 925-day snooze:

There are a few things to point out here which might be of interest. 925 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


And the maximum point of the solar flaring was 7:24 AM UTC. This is interesting because 724 is the result of adding 410 + 314. So here we see the marriage of these two numbers which have been appearing synchronistically for some time:


The solar flare took place at 00:24 (12:24 AM) here in the Arizona time zone. So here we see the 24 appear which we saw earlier is the the position of the number 33 in Pi.

This particular post number is 33021:


If we plug 33021 into Pi we see it takes position 25839:


If we subtract 25839 from 33021 we get 7182:


These are the first four digits of Euler’s Number (2.718) which is a formula used to calculate growth and compound interest and appears as ‘e’ on scientific calculators. I’m certainly no mathematician but I’ve read that Euler’s Number is one of the most important formulas known today.

Euler’s Number plays well with 410. 410 times 2.71 equals 1111.1:


Thank you for your time and I wish everyone reading this much love!

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