Prophetic Dream Comes True, Video Synchronicities & More

Some interesting synchronicities and a dream have manifested which I will share below for those who feel guided to check this out.

First is a prophetic dream, sort of, as I saw it when I was half awake and asleep (don’t remember what time of the night or morning I saw it) on January 13th:

Then the next day, January 14th, Cobra did a post which had seven words in the title, within the estimation of the dream/vision:

On January 13th I was also guided to look at the clock on the wall here and write this down in a note along with the time which was 2:28 PM. Perhaps this was an attempt to provide a prophetic clue to Cobra’s newest post which he posted at 2:20 PM the next day:

Just a theory of course, not 100% sure if those two things are connected.

And if I may speak about the newest video message, ‘A Positive Divine Message 432Hz’, I wanted to share some interesting information about it. When I woke up yesterday, which was when I made the video, I felt an energy in my body which seemed like a presence and I remember my thoughts being something different than how they usually are.

I was thinking like how Eric Klein’s book was written which Cobra recommended which is a collection of channelings by various beings; Ashtar, Saint Germain, etc. which is titled ‘The Crystal Stair’ (a great read for anyone who is interested in Ascension and other metaphysical topics). My thoughts seemed like the weren’t my own as I don’t think or talk like this.

I almost wanted to start writing down what was coming through because it was so beautiful, positive, constructive and very grounded. So it seems that this presence had manifested itself within me earlier in the day to perhaps get me ready to make the video later on. It was definitely a beautiful experience. I had no trouble coming up with the messages in the video because they just kept popping into my head!

This time the way it was communicated to me to make a video was that the Higher Ups used my eyes to point to the webcam on my laptop and then the video making icon on my home screen.

Then I said okay guys which song should I use and I started going through various songs and when I was scrolling through a list they used my eyes to point directly at Robert Coxon’s ‘Coming Home’ and just pointed at it for several seconds to confirm it.

So then I thought, what on Earth will I put in a seven to eight minute video, I have no ideas! But then as I started working the ideas started coming and I just had to be the physical labor to put it all together here in the physical world.

This video and its contents were completely divinely-guided and were hardly any of my ideas with the exception of simply editing it and uploading it. The messages came from something/someone very wonderful and with everyone’s best interest at heart. I don’t know who they are but I thank them for the wonderful messages because I enjoyed them very much also.

I don’t know what’s going to happen or when and I know the words ‘soon’ and ‘close’ have been used to death but it seems that epic changes are finally taking place.

The number 410 continues to appear in amazing ways. It appeared as part of what I believe is the upload time for the recent video ‘Victory is Coming 432Hz’ which I had made some days ago as of the time of this writing.

Since YouTube doesn’t tell me the exact time videos are uploaded, I can guess it might be due to a copyright claim notification that pops up either right after or at the moment of the video finishing its upload.

The time this video was uploaded was 8:20 PM (20:20 in 24-hour time) and 820 is the result of adding 410 + 410:

From my perspective this is really amazing because it literally took me like an hour and a half just to figure out what the beginning of the video was going to be like. I was having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what the video would be about and although the Higher Ups helped pick out the song, it was still quite a challenge to figure out what was going to be in it. So after about 7-8 hours straight of working on this thing and going through it over and over, editing it in two different programs, I thought I had uploaded it at the most random time but it turned out to be the most perfect and divine time.

I don’t know how ‘they’ do these things but I’ve noticed, especially in hindsight, that the more random and chaotic things appear to be the more of a divine order there was through the whole process. Definitely thought provoking…

So anyways this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

PS I am being guided to add the following videos by Arbre Solaire, especially the one about the Ascended Masters:

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