Huge dose of intel

If you like intel then you’ll like this. Veteran’s Today is a plethora of it. Now someone must have had some serious insider connections to get the following information.

Here is an article going into the details about how the powers that ‘were’ got into power and how they’ve overtaken our world in just about every facet you can think of. They go back thousands of years and they are regularly engaged in satanic human sacrificial activities. Now whether you are religious or not, these horrific acts are ongoing. This is where the pedophilia and child sacrifice comes in.

There is a lot of this being exposed in the media. And the UK in the spotlight as this is where the practices originated and continue to be performed. Here is an article going into how the UK has been involved in procuring children for these sacrifices. This goes so deep and the Vatican is HIGHLY involved and in fact a lot of the sacrificial ceremonies happen underneath it. Here is a website that has lots of info and eye witness tesitmony as to what goes on there. It’s very graphic and there have been many children that have come forward stating what was done to them.

The Queen of Elizabeth is one of the captains and steering the ship and her reign will be over soon enough. Here is the article going into more detail about that. Many world leaders are involved in this. And it’s finally out in the open.

Now I understand that this is a hard pill to swallow. How could world leaders be involved in these horrible activities? How could someone we trust do this to us?

These questions are answered by following the evidence and realizing that our world is being run by negative E.T.s through humans. David Wilcock goes greatly into this and especially recently when he disclosed at his conference at the Conscious Life Expo that our part of the solar system was originally part of a prison/rehab program for convicted war criminals. His insiders claim the negative E.T.s ultimately came here, planted roots and enslaved humanity in a perpetual pyramid debt slavery system. Now I can’t prove any of this but if you look around you, it’s exactly what’s going on. There are more poor people than rich people, there exists extreme financial inequality. The world is in shambles, unless your financially wealthy. Here is David’s blog going into more details about this information. I find him to be credible and accurate and he claims he vets his insiders and doesn’t put out info that is not verifiable among other insiders.

So this entry is a nice compliment to the preceding one and I hope you all engage in researching this stuff yourself and tell others about it as it is some of the most important information of our lives and time.

Thanks again for reading. Much love to you all!

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