An update from May about the details of the transition into our new Republic

Now I am not sure if this is completely true but it does resonate with what I have been researching. I will post it here and I will ask that you do with it what you please, accept it, toss it, it’s your choice. Thank you for your time!

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The Transition – A New Republic
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Decimus Payne
May 31, 2015

It is my duty to inform the common public to fathom how the United States will be transitioned to a New Republic.

The Magnitude and Complications of Transitioning to a New Republic

Once the arrests of all politicians who are a member of the United States Corporation have been completed. Understand that the entire country will be left without leadership. This will cause chaos among it’s citizens especially to those who are unaware. Politicians down the chain of command to mayors will be arrested. All politicians who will not accept transition will be arrested.

Now with thousands of political offices empty, they will have to be filled by qualified individuals of the New Republic. The New Republic will have to assume control of 50 States and 350 million people. I am to inform you that this will not be a smooth transition. This is what Jade Helm is for, folks. Currently at this moment, the Pentagon is sided with the New Republic. The Pentagon controls the United States Military.

Jade Helm is the preparation of this transition. Politicians will be arrested left and right and citizens will be in panic. The U.S. Military is required in order for this transition to be successful, without the military it is impossible. The U.S. Military will send out a message through the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) prior to the operation commencing in order to prepare the masses for the transition.

There will be chaos, there will be panic. This transition may last for weeks or even months. I urge you to prepare for this upcoming transition as it is going to be a Revolution.

In other news, is there a message being sent to the Cabal?

Recently, Beau Biden, son of the Vice President of the United States passed away.

“Beau Biden, the former Delaware Attorney General and son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died at 46, the Vice President’s office announced Saturday night. The cause of death was brain cancer.”

John Kerry, strangely had an accident and was injured around the same time of Beau Biden’s death.

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle crash Sunday, apparently after hitting a curb, and scrapped the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.”

Slowly you will be witnessing news like this more and more as the Cabal and their system slowly crumble to the ground. Do not be fooled by mainstream media as I’ve reported that intermittent arrests of the Cabal had started weeks ago.

Their time is at an end. The Liberation of Sol had already begun yesterday.

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