Many new soft disclosures!

The Cabal is being forced to disclose ETs to us. They are also going to be exposed for all the crimes they have committed against humanity, without our conscious consent. Implied consent along with deception seems to be the method of the Cabal for them to be able to get away with the things they think they have gotten away with.

Now let’s dive right in shall we? We have Dailymail (a MSM outlet) posting an article about how our universe is fake and actually a hologram run by an advanced civilization. Here is the article. I have read this many times through many different sources. Everything is made up of light and is in a constant state of vibration. Nothing is ‘solid’.

Dailymail seems to be a popular outlet to get the truth out. They have another one stating that the mysterious ‘spots’ on Ceres are not ice and then they show a 3D video of the ‘pyramid’ (their word not mine) that is 4 miles high. Here is this article.

We also have a few technological disclosures that have come out. Cobra posted about a few of them in his latest update in regards to the Sublunar Operations. One is describing how we have an ‘impossible’ rocket drive that could get us to the moon in 4 hours. Here is that one.

Here is Cobra’s latest update which I posted in a previous post but thought it was relevant so I included it here.

Then we have Benjamin Fulford’s latest intel update which was very interesting. Here is the update in its entirety.

Well that’s all for now. Although I shouldn’t minimize the gravity of these posts by saying that’s all because there is a lot of major restructuring and awakening happening among the populace. Everyday that passes is another day we get closer to our liberation. Hang in there everyone and continue to be amazing =] Much love.

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