More amazing headlines from the MSM featuring disclosures, update from resistance movement, intel update from Benjamin Fulford!

As we approach the final days of the bad guys’ rule over us we are seeing them lose control of their empire and many soft disclosures are making their way out to the public.

I am seeing the word ‘alien’ more and more. This seems like a push to get the public used to the idea of ETs.

Here is one titled “Octopuses ‘are aliens’, scientists decide after DNA study”.

Here is another titled “‘Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war,’ claims moon mission astronaut Edgar Mitchell”.

BAM. A third titled “Vatican Scientist Thinks Aliens May Exist — But Not An Alien Jesus”.

Here we have a fourth titled “Aliens ‘already exist on earth’, Bulgarian scientists claim”. However, this one was from 2009. It still represents the push to ready the public for something some but not all already know or believe.

I did another one in a previous post but I will add it here as it is pertinent to this entry. Here is this post from Dailymail titled “Mysterious ‘alien spots’ on Ceres are NOT ice, researchers say as they show off 3D video that reveals 4 mile high ‘pyramid'”.

I did have a co-worker the other night tell me yeah there’s nothing really new going on in the news online. I said mmhm. I left it at that because I had explained to certain people I work with, including this one, about what’s happening and I am usually met with silence or resistance. So I just let it go lol. Everything will come out soon enough. Actually much has been coming out, as you can plainly see in this post!

Here is the latest full Benjamin Fulford intel update from the 11th (he posts it every Monday or sometimes Tuesday.)

And now I awoke to an update from the resistance movement on Cobra’s blog at I will post it below. That’s all for now, thank you for reading and take care. Much love to you all! =]

Galactic Goddess

As the energies from the Galactic Center intensify, it is important for the people to be aware of the Galactic Goddess. In the past, people were aware of the masculine energies from the Galactic Center, which manifest as Galactic superwaves, capable of shifting planetary poles, triggering drastic climate changes and making species extinct. It is time now to become aware of the Galactic Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Galactic superwave, which will manifest itself as Love, never before known on this planet.

This energy will ease our breakthrough at the time of the Event and effectively cancel out the vast majority of negativity at the peak of the transition.

More than people are aware of this energy and are able to channel it through their energy fields and their bodies, more it will be able to soften our global collective path.

This is one example how it can manifest:

It would be good if as many Sisterhood of the Rose groups as possible are formed worldwide to channel this Galactic energy. If you would like to form a group in your area, you can go here:

Or contact

The following groups are not directly connected with the Sisterhood of the Rose but are very well aligned with the essence of the Goddess and are a good example how Sisterhood of the Rose groups could operate:

The Cabal is very well aware of the power of the Goddess energy in manifesting the Event and although we are not in the Middle Ages anymore, they are still suppressing it:

Most likely you have noticed that no significant intel was released in the last few weeks. Most reliable intel sources have not received anything significant or have been asked not to release anything significant until certain operations of the Light forces are completed. This has made room for heaps of disinfo and blogosphere is full of speculations which are mainly not based on reality, and also full of people accusing each other of being »AI / mind programmed«. Please be aware that on this planet obviously everybody is mind programmed to a certain degree and yet most people are good in their essence and they try to do their best to improve the situation. This is where our focus should be.

The situation is expected to improve in a week or two as a certain phase is completed, new intel is released and happenings from behind the scenes finally get released into the blogosphere.

The Breakthrough is near!

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