Interview-palooza, Plus Some Other Great Stuff and Cobra Update!

Lately there have been many great interviews with great guests coming out in the past week or so. I will list them here and a synopsis of the show.

Although I’d like to update everyone about the Etheric Meditation we had last Sunday per Cobra’s blog:


Things are now happening faster than expected. Four days after our meditation, Palmyra is liberated:

This is wonderful news and at the moment the Syrian Army among others are preparing to liberate the Syrian city and de facto Daesh capital Raqqa soon:

I made a note on Facebook that I will post below that explains the possible need for a meditation per Cobra’s sources and information about this upcoming confrontation:

“This is going to get messy…and I can see how Cobra called for a potential meditation to deter the effects of the confrontation that may occur as a result of the Turkish leadership and government perceiving the Kurdish military as a terrorist group, who the United States does not designate as and are working with, which really pisses Erdogan off lol.

Not to mention Turkey’s remaining and persistent ambition for hegemony in the region and their plans to topple Assad, which will not happen, so long as Russia is part of the equation. This is the situation as I understand it.”

From Cobra’s Blog: “Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.”

Now onto the interviews. We have part deux of the CLE conference promo video with Corey Goode that came out yesterday which I highly recommend. There is some new information in there that wasn’t in the other one or any of his other information:

Then we have a couple of interviews with ECETI founder James Gilliland on Fade to Black Radio with Jimmy Church and on the Portal to Ascension YouTube Channel.

On the FTB interview James and Jimmy discuss current events, ascension, Trump, chemtrails, bigfoot, space craft experiences, contact, higher dimensional beings and other relevant topics:

And I haven’t watched this next interview yet but I imagine it will contain similar content, which I always find interesting:

And here is another interview from this last week that Cobra did with a large and very interesting round-table discussion of current events, The Event, and other things happening right now to our little blue ball and ourselves. I haven’t finished the whole thing yet but given the guests I’m sure it will be quite interesting!

I’d also like to throw a couple cool headlines at you all in regards to the Atlantis and Antarctica stuff being rolled out in as part of the Cabal’s poor attempt to deter us from seeking justice for PizzaGate and other crimes against humanity:

“An alloy, which according to Greek legend was mined on the ancient mythical island of Atlantis, has been discovered on a shipwreck which sank off the coast of Sicily 2,600 years ago. Some 47 ingots of ‘orichalcum’ have so far been recovered from the ancient underwater find.

Described as brass-like and made through the reaction of zinc ore, charcoal and copper, the alloy has never before been discovered in such quantity. Uncovered back in 2015, the ingots’ composition was revealed only after analysis using X-ray fluorescence, reported Seeker.”

“Antarctic temperatures reach a record HIGH: Meteorologists confirm that Earth’s coldest continent was struck by a heatwave hitting 17.5°C Temperatures at the Experanza base in Antarctica reached 17.5°C (63.5°F)”

Speaking of moving things along there is going to be a PizzaGate protest in D.C. on March 25th. It is advised that everyone that attends do everything peacefully and legally. The Cabal is very good at making sure these things turn violent and do everything they can to stop them from being effective:

This is all I have for now. Thank you for reading and much love!

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