New Video on How to Easily Make High-Quality Probiotic-Rich Sauerkraut!

As my understanding of health is growing I am learning how important it is to seek out various ancient and traditional ways of obtaining nutrients and improving my health. In my struggle with a Candida overgrowth that I don’t discuss with others (until now lol) and the successful healing of my body on this juice fast (today is day 34) I have found the importance of probiotics cannot be understated.

The gut-brain connection to our overall health has been largely ignored and the information buried in these days of the young but failed allopathic medicine experiment (AKA western medicine). The amount of anti-biotics we are consuming through the meat and dairy industry is absolutely mammoth, with the majority of anti-biotics being produced being used on animals that are raised for food.

When this delicate balance of hundreds of trillions of cells that our gut possesses is interfered with, all kinds of havoc is created. Probiotics replenish the gut with ‘good’ bacteria and balance those which allow us to synthesize vitamins and maintain a healthy and powerful immune system.

No doubt the Cabal knows our physiology very well and have weaponized the food and water supply to disrupt and destroy this essential part of these Earth human bodies. I have noticed a considerable change in my thinking and health while introducing these probiotics into my diet in addition to carrying on this juice fast.

In this video I explain how too make sauerkraut, which is simply fermented cabbage, which can be consumed for its rich and powerful probiotic properties in just 3 days. I have found so many stories about people relieving their food allergies and other diseases such as autism with probiotic therapy. I didn’t realize how important it is to incorporate these vital types of foods in our diets!

One doctor had sent his sauerkraut to a lab to be quantified and here were the astounding results:

“A 4-6-ounce serving of homemade sauerkraut that was recently analyzed in a lab showed that it contained literally 10 trillion bacteria! To provide perspective, 2 ounces of raw sauerkraut made at home had more probiotics than a 100-count bottle of probiotic capsules. To look at it another way, 16 ounces (2 cups) of sauerkraut is equal to eight bottles of probiotics! Even one of the more popular and potent brands of probiotics “only” provide 50 billion active bacteria in a 3.5-ounce bottle.”

That’s amazing! I was spending 80$ a month on what I thought were high-quality probiotics and here I could have just made them at home myself…tisk tisk.

So I hope this video and article inspires you to make your own fermented veggies and take control of your gut and mind health and heal yourself of things you may not have had solutions or relief for. Thank you for reading everyone and much love!

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