Dream Message About Evolution/Secret Chambers in Pyramid (Updated)

I would like to share a dream I had last night that was ‘stressed as important’ and that I should include it in a post. For those who may not be aware I receive future information in my dreams. Sometimes it’s little things I’m doing the next day or even week and sometimes it’s something big like a ship sinking or car pile up (see dream journal, proof available there).

This time I got a ‘message’ and it felt important to share it so I will write it in a text form and include the screen shots of my iPod where I recorded it:

November 8th, 2017 04:32 AM Message about pyramid evolution

“I remember dreaming about a friend who encouraged us to go on a trip with him to explore old caverns. Next thing I know we are standing at the base of a pyramid.(Note: This pyramid was HUGE, location unknown)

A message of ‘certain doors/passageways will only open when certain groups of genetic material are present’ (40 family relatives). To have less than the number required would involve much more work to get through.

‘They’ also telepathically messaged that some of you are going through millions of years of evolution right now. (The emotion of ‘millions’ was used if that makes sense, emotions translated into words)

I saw the pyramid open up and I went inside. I saw myself from behind when walking through. Then I don’t remember anything.”

Synchronistically I finished typing this dream out at 4:32, which is an important number in regards sacred geometry. Also, I captured the screen shot at 10:22, which in military time (we use military time for documentation at the hospital) is 22:22. I am not sure who the ‘authors’ of the message are (they felt powerful and wise) but it’s definitely intended for someone here reading this.

Thank you for reading and much love!

(UPDATE) This could be something or maybe it’s nothing but I was just scrolling through Twitter and found this short video of a discovery of a chamber in one of the pyramids in Egypt. Now this discovery has been in the news for a few days as far as I know but it’s interesting that they describe the scenes in my dream similarly…

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