Today’s Synchronistic Gaia Portal And Bible Verse

We are going on a couple days in a row now where there appears to be some synchronicities related to the daily bible verse on the King James Bible website and also today’s Gaia Portal as well. For those who are not familiar with them Gaia Portal is a blog where they post short energetic updates, especially in regards to the liberation and Ascension process on the planet. Their reports are at the very least interesting and at most, prophetic. Which has happened many times.

Today’s Gaia Portal is worth posting along with a couple of synchronicities that possibly came along with it:


Interestingly, the gematria value of this particular post happens to be 1681 using the reverse cipher (just taking the alphabet and reversing it and assigning a number to each letter):


1681 is the root number of what you get when you multiply 410 x 410 = 168100. 410 (April 10th) is my birthday and appears frequently throughout these works. 1681 appeared in a previous Gaia Portal message in June of 2018:



Today happens to be August 25th which is also the day that the meaning of the number 410 was published on the Angel’s Numbers website which ‘they’ use to communicate messages:



8 plus 25 also happens to be 33, which is a number that continues to appear in the details of my life:

And today’s bible verse is as follows:


The gematria value of this verse is 1200 and 7200:


We could see the 1200 as a ‘clock striking the hour’ synchronicity, which was something that has appeared many times before. Especially today, when so many synchronicities have lined up on the same day. This is just my opinion here.

And the 7200 appears in Pi when you type in 2012, the last year in the Mayan Calendar and the year we began the Age of Aquarius. Interestingly, it takes 72 years for the Earth to move 1 degree on its axis:


Interestingly the language used in this Gaia Portal seems to correspond to the language used in the Ascension Plan channelings by Eric Klein that were given to Cobra by a contact in the Brotherhood of the Star recently. You can find the transcripts below if you feel guided to read them:

The Ascension Plan Transcript (Part One)

The Ascension Plan Transcript (Part Two)

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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