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So as time has gone by I have been shown that every single tiny little detail of everything I am personally experiencing has been for a reason. I believe this applies to every person reading this and that it happens from the moment of our births.

In this post I will share some information that I found when I was suddenly prompted to go back and do an analysis of the details of the beginning of this blog.

I created this blog and wrote the first post on February 11th, 2015:


February 11th is the 42nd day of the year:


181 is the 42nd prime number and is the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘Jesus the Messiah’, ‘Yeshuah ben Joseph’, ‘Believe’ (מאמינם), ‘Peace’ (ειρήνη) and ‘End of Evil Forever’.


The Star of Bethlehem appeared at its maximum point on June 30th, 2015 after appearing once before 2000 years ago. June 30th is the 181st day of the year:


And if we plug 42 into Pi we see the number 628 appear (which is the result of 314 + 314) and 117 which is the verse number of today’s verse of the day:



And if we see February 11th in day/month format it would be 11/2 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 709:


And we know the gematria value of ‘Beginning’ (αρχή) in Greek is 709:


The gematria value of the name of this blog ‘TruthEarthOrg’ yeilds some interesting values:


From left to right we have 179 which is half of 358 which is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew. My last day of work at the hospital, where I was also born, was June 28th which is the 179th day of the year.

The 172 is 271 backwards and this is known as Euler’s Number and is an important equation having to do with compound interest and growth and appears as ‘e’ on scientific calculators.

And finally we have 1610 which is 410 in military time.

The amount of months between the day I was born and the day I started this blog is 298:


If we take 298 and jumble the digits to 982 and plug this into Pi we see some interesting numbers:


982 takes position 100 and my birthday April 10th is the 100th day of the year.

The first number we see an arrow pointed at is 1480 and the gematria value of ‘Christ’ in Greek ‘Kristos’ (Χριστός) is 1480:


And the next arrow is pointed at 709 which we already saw is the gematria value of ‘Beginning’ in Greek.

1480 takes position 103 in Pi:


This number 103 appeared recently and it is the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘‘The Liberation of Earth’, ‘The Magic Number Four Ten’, ‘The Golden Age’, ‘A Light Body’, ‘Angel’/’An Angel’ (במלאכי), ‘The Stars’ (הכוכבים), ‘Love You’ (αγαπηι), ‘Transformation into a Light Body’, ‘The End of Darkness Forever’, and finally ‘Do You Believe in Coincidences?’.

The amount of days between my birth and the creation of this blog is 9072 (see screenshot above) and this number contains the number 729 and this number was just written about in the previous post:

“The other arrowed number is 729 and this number appeared in a big way recently. In order to save space on this article I will just summarize the findings. When I translated the name of these works ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ in Greek to ‘‘Οι Συγχρονιότητες του Ιησού’ (The Synchronicities of Jesus) and plugged this into the gematria calculator I got 3854. When this number is subtracted from its mirror 4583 we get 729. And if we saw 729 as a date it would be July 29th and after this day there were 155 days remaining and plugging in 155 into Pi resulted in taking position 314 (Pi).

Additionally, the starting point of the largest solar flare ever recorded was documented to be at 19:29 or 7:29 PM.”

And the amount of years between the birthday and the blog creation is 24 and we know the number 33 takes position 24 in Pi and we know Jesus lived for 33 years:


And if we plug 24 into Pi we see it takes position 292 along with a countdown number ‘5432’ at the beginning:


Pi day, March 14th (3/14), is the 73rd (73 is its own magical number) day of the year with 292 days remaining:

march 14.png

292 is the gematria value of ‘The Word of God’ (דבר אלהים) in Hebrew:


This particular post number is 27501:


Synchronicities related to the number 501 backwards = 105 just appeared at the end of the previous post.

If we plug 27501 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get a 5555 in the result:


And 5555 is the address of the hospital I worked and was born at:


And finally if we plug my birth time (11:03) into Pi we see it takes position 3493:


And one of the divisors of 3493 is 499:


And if we plug 499 into Pi we see a number that just appeared in the previous post = 761:


One of the main numbers I was guided to look into was the number 135 and 761 was the 135th prime number. I will copy and paste what was written from that article:


If we subtract one of our original numbers 599 from 761 we get 162:


And we know 410 takes position 162 in Pi:

Just for fun I decided to plug in the title of this post into the gematria calculator and see what came up and it ended up being 117, which is also the number of today’s verse of the day:



This is everything for now, much love all!

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