Dream About Attempting to Ascend but Being Sent Back

So this was an exciting but also disappointing dream. Perhaps it is an actual guide to manifesting Ascension, perhaps it is only part of it or totally incorrect all together. I will share it and let everyone else decide for themselves.

February 7th, 2019 08:07 AM

So I had a dream where I wanted to Ascend so badly I was able to manifest it but it was too early so I was sent back.

I was at a park with a couple of friends and I decided this was the place I was going to attempt to Ascend. I remember trying to manifest the feelings I’ve felt over the years where it felt like energy surges like from Star Trek and manifesting strong feelings of love so as to raise my vibration as high as possible. I closed my eyes and visualized and manifested all of this very strongly for several seconds and I was able to get myself off the ground and I was on my way up or changing my structure to put it better and then the process stopped and I was returned to the area where I was before along with a letter explaining why this couldn’t happen yet. During this changing I remember seeing very bright golden lights while my eyes were closed.

The letter was written beautifully and the statements were written in iridescent letters that changed colors in the light. Every other sentence was like this. I think the questions were in plain ‘ink’ and their responses were in the iridescent letters or vice versa. The first sentence was in the iridescent colors:

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I was so disappointed but at least I had successfully learned how to manifest it, I think.

Then I tried to write an article about this experience on this blog and my computer fell apart. The keyboard keys were falling out and then my friends there were upset with me for some reason. I was trying to click the ‘Write’ (new post) button on WordPress to open a new page but it wasn’t working right. I think there was a beige-colored mountain lion there next to me which was dangerous but I woke up before it could attack. (Apparently the mountain lion appearing in dreams symbolizes leadership.)

When I was Ascending I was trying to manifest the feeling of excitement and the taking in of breaths like someone was about to sneeze,  just like from Star Trek and I felt the energy surges getting more powerful and I felt myself being raised from the ground and becoming weightless. It was amazing. I do not remember what the letter said but I think it was the reason why it couldn’t happen yet. There were several sentences and I was trying to read it in the sunlight which was difficult.

The energy surges I was manifesting in the dream were ones that I would experience while I was working nights and days at the hospital and at home sometimes. I remember one time I was walking back to the room I worked in and while in this hallway I experienced this really powerful energy surge. I had to stop for a moment while my body experienced it. It was very euphoric and it lasted several seconds. I remember taking big breaths because it was so strong. I think it raised my vibration by a lot as it felt very good while it was happening but almost a bit overwhelming since it was so powerful and unexpected.

But looking back it was just like what the character John experiences in the Star Trek episode ‘Transfigurations‘ which I wrote about recently actually. John would experience these energy pulses until they finally culminated in him turning into a being of Light. Right before this happens he takes in a couple of breaths like he is going to sneeze and then he transforms, just like in my dream and like the energy pulses I experienced. This happens in the following video at 1:39:

It’s truly amazing how these personal experiences match what we see in TV and movies. And it is my hope that these experiences will turn out to be true and can be used as a guide to help others take on the journey to Ascension.

I also think the computer keys were falling apart in the dream because it meant I still had more things to write and document. And if I Ascended now I wouldn’t be able to complete certain work that needs to be done apparently. This would also make sense with my friends being upset with me because I had unfinished business with them as well. Which could mean experiences with people that were supposed to happen that haven’t occurred yet.

This is congruent with another Ascension dream I had recently (I’ve been having many more Ascension dreams recently and am being guided to watch more shows about Ascension: Stargate/Star Trek etc.) which stopped part way through which I believe was because I still have work to do here.

Honestly I just really want all of this to be over already. My mind is so impatient and tired of writing article after article. Having so much more work to do (moving, etc.) which is taxing in every way. I don’t mean to complain but there is so much suffering. I have seen true suffering in the hospital, things that no one should ever have to see or experience. This is one of the reasons for my impatience. I know this suffering is happening NOW all over the world to billions of people. And yet I am told by the Universe to be patient and to trust in God/Source and the plan. *Sigh*.

Perhaps if all the other able-bodied starseeds did their missions this process could go faster, but the reality is there is only a minority of us doing our missions at this time and the others who are anchoring the Matrix along with us, making everything go slower. If only this situation could improve!

Anyways, this is everything for now, much love all.

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    Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful 🙂

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