Dream About This War Being Over, Cover-Ups Exposed

As with some of these other dreams I have a bit of a hard time creating a title for them. In this case I think that will have to do. This dream was very exciting and it is an honor to be able to have experienced it and share it here for you all.

March 8th, 2019 04:02 AM

Had very long dream about how we won this war. Basically a group of people and myself were being attacked by this group of evil beings and preventing people from knowing the truth about how space craft are being used and covered up regularly. I don’t know what these beings looked like. They may not have been human. I think I remember this being covered up since the 1950s or so in the dream.

Then I remember a small group of people consisting of myself climbing this tower in this building which led to a room at what seemed to be the highest point in this tower which contained the most heavily guarded secrets. We get up there and realize that there are no more beings to fight and that we just needed to continue pushing and eventually the prize would be ours. It was strange because we just kept fighting until that moment and then it was suddenly over.

So we make it up to this small room which had a list of the biggest secrets that these evil beings were hiding from us. They killed one of our team members’ grandfather to keep these secrets. I believe it was the grandfather of the author of the website ‘The Event Chronicle’. But the secret at the top of this list on the wall was about how we had won this war and I believe it said something about space crafts being ours to learn to use. It was written like a journal passage by that grandfather.

But the biggest thing was that we had won and that these beings kept that part a secret too. All of the sudden we hear someone coming up the stairs and thought we would be killed but it was someone we knew, it was like a suspenseful movie moment. So I grabbed a chair for them (they had brought their child with them) and we looked over this list but I only recall going over the first big secret.

It was amazing! We were so excited and elated. But it was important that we realized that we were the ones which manifested this because we pushed and fought for it and we finally won. The people did it. We thought it would go on for a long time but finally it just stopped. And even though it looked like it was a big fight there was only like one bad being left which was standing in our way. So they made it appear that it was going to go on longer but the reality was different.

The very end of this dream was the best part (besides the actual winning of this war we are in) because it illustrated that even though things appear to be bad and that they appear to look like they are going to go on forever, the reality is the opposite and that we are closer to victory than we are being led to believe by the MSM or even some of the doom and gloom of certain alternative media.

I hope this has been at least thought-provoking for some and a glimmer of hope for others who feel like this war will never end. It is going to end because there are those of us who push for it every day in addition to the fact that the light always wins over darkness. It is inevitable.

This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. Paul Tayler says:

    Thanks Jonathan. This has been inspirational . Love your videos. When are you making another one?
    Kind regards
    Paul Tayler

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