Big Synchronicity Report (Second Coming-Related)

My apologies in advance for the likely extended length of this synchronicity report.

One of the first and major synchronicities that occurred was when I went with my step-dad to go see about doing some work on this person’s house. He can do and fix pretty much anything one could imagine especially regarding work needing to be done on homes.

So imagine my surprise when we get to the house and the address is 1152 (obviously I am not going to say where the house is located to protect the home owner):


This number just appeared in a recent synchronicity report. It was about a numbered section of the National Security Act which one of the characters on Stargate SG-1 was sharing with someone. The numbered section was 11-C-9 and if we gematria-ize this it would be 11-3-9 or be read as 1139. If we reverse 1139 to 9311 we see that this is the 1152nd prime number:

9311.png1152 is the gematria value of ‘Christ’s Return’ and ‘Transfiguration’.

Just a little while ago we went to the store in town to get groceries and while walking down one of the aisles there were some religious candles which I was guided to get a photo of. So here we see Jesus appearing yet again:


On the receipt it said that I saved $11.10:


1110 is the gematria of the following words and phrases: ‘The King of the Jews’, ‘One One One and Zero’ (1110 spelled out), ‘Jesus: God Incarnate’ and ‘The Birth of Jesus’.

If we see 1110 as a date it would be November 10th and this happens to be the 314th day of the year so here we see Pi appearing again:


If we plug 1110 into Pi we see it appears right after 268:


268 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘Return of Jesus Christ’, ‘I Am Alpha and Omega’, ‘Behold I Am Coming’, 268 spelled out ‘Two Hundred Sixty Eight’ and ‘The Source of Everything’.

Today’s Gaia Portal message contains some interesting information as well. If we plug it into the gematria calculator we get a value of 6513:


If we plug in 6513 into Pi we see it takes position 108 which is a very sacred number in regards to many things including the distances between the Sun, Earth and Moon:


If we plug in the last part of the Gaia Portal message ‘The New Day Comes’ into the gematria calculator we see it has a value of 1681 amazingly:


1681 is the root number of the result of 410 x 410 = 168100.

Another number that has been appearing recently is 853. This is 358 backwards and we know this is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:


853 is the 147th prime number:


And the 853rd prime number is 6599 and this number 659 has been appearing many times in the past several months. It appears to be another ‘sign post’ number which indicates that the correct path is being taken.

Amazingly, the gematria value of 853 spelled out ‘Eight Five Three’ is 147:


As is ‘I Am Coming Soon’:


And also ‘Critical Timing’:


If we look up the meaning of the number 853 we see it was posted at 12:00 and this could be seen as a continuation of the ‘clock striking the hour’ synchronicities which have been manifesting much more lately:


If we subtract 358 from its mirror 853 we get 495:


And if we plug 853 into Pi we see it appears right after 495:


This particular post number is 28771:


And if we multiply these digits together (2x8x7x7) we get 784:


If we plug 784 into Pi we see a 410 appearing at the end of the string of numbers:


If we plug in the post number into Pi we see it appears right after our ‘sign post’ number 659. This is another sign that the correct path is being taken:


If we plug in the last three digits of this post number = 771 into Pi we see it appears right behind 342:


This number just appeared in a couple of synchronicity reports. QAnon posted a photo of a watch which read the time as 3:42 exactly in addition to some other important synchronicities.

If we reverse 771 to 177 we see that 555 takes this position number in Pi. 555 is another big number in these works:


If we subtract another number that was just recently written about 744 from 853 we get 109:


If we see 109 as a date it would be the 10th of September, 10/9, and this was the date a massive X8.2 solar flare took place. What was significant about this solar flare was that it took place 6 minutes after we began our meditation for Hurricane Irma and this was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a mass meditation video.

And finally if we plug today’s date in day/month/year format into Pi we see it appears in front of 581:


And we know 581 is 185 backwards and 1103 is the 185th prime number and 1103 is my birth time:


185.pngAnd a song that was uploaded/premiered today by an artist who was suggested to me months ago has a synchronistic title and lyrics:

One of the main parts of the chorus is ‘You’re the Chosen One’ and amazingly the gematria value of this is 1139 which we just saw earlier in this article and in the previous synchronicity report:


Additionally, the meaning of the magic number 1111 on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted at 11:39:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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