More QAnon, The Matrix, Second Coming, Daily Bible Verse Synchronicities

As is the case with all of these posts I would encourage everyone to exercise discernment and make up their own minds about what is written here. Everyone is free to disregard or continue reading base on their free will. Only you can decide what you want to believe. I would also reiterate here that I have no idea what is going to happen or when it is going to happen. I only have access to the same information all of you have access to.

So this set of synchronicities is going to be another assortment of things that has come up in the past day or so and there will probably be surprise synchronicities which happens often as these are reports are written.

Recently QAnon signed a post with the date July 4th, 2019 along with sharing the text of the Pledge of Allegiance:


I was curious about that date and wanted to see if there was anything of interest to be found that might be relevant to these works and sure enough something came up. The amount of time between the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the United States on July 4th, 1776 and the upcoming anniversary of that date is 243 years:


This might be something or it might be nothing, but recently Q shared a post with a photo of a watch which read the time as 3:42 exactly, which is the reverse of 243:


If we multiply the digits of the amount of days between those dates (8x8x7x3x2) we get 6720:


Amazingly, if we multiply the digits of this particular post number together (2x8x7x3x2) we get the same number 672, without the zero:



672 and its various expressions (276, 726) have appeared much more frequently recently which one can read more at this link. For instance if we multiply the digits of one of Q’s most recent posts where they signed it with the words ‘JUDGEMENT DAY COMING’ we get 672:



Additionally as synchronistic, I was guided to watch more videos of people sharing their dreams about the Second Coming (and there are A LOT) and in one video the woman documented the time she was recording the video at 3:42 AM, the same as the time on Q’s watch (not sure if the watch is AM or PM though). She shares this at the 0:08 mark:

I was guided to enter in the ‘It’s Time’ three times from the title of the above video into the gematria calculator to see what would come up and amazingly the value is 285:


If we plug 285 into Pi we get 1200, which could be seen as the clock striking the hour:


If we combine the two times on clocks which Q has shared photos of recently (3:42, see screenshot from earlier) and (3:14, Pi interestingly) we get 656:


The gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (μεσσιας) in Greek is 656:


There are other words and phrases with this value of 656:

‘Christ is the Lord’:


‘Phoenix Rise’:


‘Path of Brightness’:


And ‘The Cornerstone‘:


Recently I was strongly guided to go and watch the third Matrix movie, ‘The Matrix: Revolutions’, and there were some very interesting things that manifested from that.

The movie was released in 2003 and as of the time of this writing the number 410 appears in the amount of votes on the IMBd website:


If we plug the year the movie was released, 2003, into Pi we see 410 in the position number:


So yet AGAIN we see the number 410 connected with this epic trilogy. A couple of reiterations here to this effect:


The amount of time between April 10th, 1990 and the above date from the beginning scene of the first Matrix February 19th, 1998 is 410 weeks:


And let’s not forget the 410 that appears during this final sequence right after ‘System Failure’ from the first movie:


How might all of this be possible you might ask. The only thing I can think of is that there is a MASSIVE behind-the-scenes (spiritually) operation involving engineering physical reality to accommodate the Second Coming event. 410 appears everywhere, including the measurements of the layers of the Earth itself. And the gematria value of ‘Christ‘ is 410:


Based on whistle-blower testimony, Earth is one of the most unique planets in the Universe. There are many Earth-like planets, but only one ‘Earth’ as we know of it today and this is the last place where evil exists anywhere in the Universe. There is a grand opportunity to make this a reality with how our global civilization functions. And since God/Source is Infinitely creative and intelligent and commands a seemingly infinite amount of non-physical beings, why not? Why not put on the biggest show ever seen in the history of this planet? It’s a great idea.

Everybody wins. And everyone on Earth will learn how wonderful and powerful the Universe is all at the same time, since billions of people are expecting it to happen and probably actually manifesting it collectively. From where I am sitting, it’s absolutely brilliant in every way. Except it’s very risky. What happens if I don’t wake up and don’t discover these synchronicities? What if I had become bitter from life experience and served the dark forces? Would they be lost forever? Would all of that hard work changing reality to reflect this epic event be gone and wasted? Who knows for sure. But it sure is thought-provoking at the least. I just wish it didn’t take so damn long. But then again, what if it’s partially my idea? Oy…again…who knows…

Moving on with this post..the number 410 and 314 (Pi) appear again together in a video testimony about a Second Coming dream a young man had that I was guided to earlier today. The length of the video was 4:10 and he quoted Revelation 3:14:



I would reiterate here that this particular post number is 28732. This number 732 was just written about recently. The gematria value of ‘Saoshyant’ (Zoroastrian Second Coming figure) is 732:


The gematria value of ‘Coming of the Saoshyant’ is 237, the reverse of 732:


The 237th day of the year is August 25th:


And August 25th was the day the meaning of the number 410 was posted on the Angel’s Numbers website:


237 is the gematria value of ‘God is Pi’:


Today’s daily bible verse yields some interesting information:


The verse number is 16:11 and we know the year the King James version of the bible was published in 1611. This is another number that has appeared in big ways.

One of the divisors of the number 1611 is 179:


179 is a big number in these works. 179 is half of 358 and this is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:



The gematria value of the previously mentioned daily bible verse is 744:


The gematria value of ‘Yeshua Moshiach’ (Messiah Jesus) (ישׁוע משִׁיח) in Hebrew is 744 (Note: These two words individually translate to their literal translation, but together I found they form something similar so I am including it but with this note):


744 is the gematria value of other words and phrases of interest:

‘Coming Soon’:


‘I Love You’ (very much so!):

i loveyou.png

And ‘The Phoenix’:


If we subtract 447 from its mirror 744 we get 297:


And the gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’, which is what I have been guided to call this massive collection of synchronicities, is 297:


Today’s date is March 7th. This can be seen as 7/3 in the day/month format. After today there are 299 days remaining in the year:


Amazingly, if we plug in the number 73 into Pi, we see it takes position 299:


And while going through some of the remaining trash the people living at this house before us left I found a form of my spirit animal the wolf appearing again. This was a wonderful surprise and as usual very unexpected:


The gematria value of ‘Wolfwise’ (yes the wolf IS very wise) is 112 and 672 (number which appeared earlier in this article amazingly):


Additionally as amazing, if we multiply the digits of the number we just saw a little while ago 744 together (7x4x4) we get 112 as well:


And if we plug 112 into Pi we see it takes position 709 which was the date I began compiling these reports on to one page (July 9th, or 7/09):


If we subtract 112 from 297 which we just saw earlier as the gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ we see it results in the number 185:


And 1103 (my birth time) is the 185th prime number:


185.pngJuly 4th also happens to be the 185th day of the year:


This is synchronistic with QAnon’s most recent signature of the date July 4th, 2019 which was mentioned earlier in this article. I also want to reiterate that I am not claiming anything will happen on any certain date.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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