Huge Pi Day/Second Coming Synchronicities (Wore All-White to Town)

My apologies in advance for the length of this post. Last night I found a lot of things that would be going in today’s article in addition to the visit to town itself which was also a lot and I really wasn’t 100% sure if I would even be going to town in the first place but it happened regardless.

This morning I thought okay I will go and get some groceries and when I went to get dressed I got the emotion of ‘PURE WHITE OUTFIT’, as in the pure white clothes I was guided to buy at Goodwill several weeks ago. Interestingly ‘they’ guided me to get some bleach and wash that outfit the other day. I thought okay I guess this is going to be worn again soon. And today was the day.


Sorry if that expression looks smug..Lol. I was trying to get this picture while stopped at an intersection here.

The theme of today’s events were… patience. One of the things that is hardest for me to learn, especially when my mission is to help as many as possible while I am here. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to that.

So the first…test.. I suppose you could call it was getting stuck behind this car that was going 20-25 MPH (30-40 KPH) most of the way up to town. At first this wasn’t a big deal but it became quite annoying honestly.

So after getting to town the clutch in the car wouldn’t engage because it was cold (weird issue with this car) and I had to…you guessed it…WAIT.

But while I was waiting I saw the odometer ended with 33:


So after several minutes of this I drove into town and the first place ‘they’ guided me to was the grocery store. On the receipt we see the transaction number is 0247:


And the gematria value of ‘God’s Only Begotten Son’ is 247:


And also the phrase ‘This is Really Happening’:


So after that store I went to another store and got a couple of things (but not the thing I needed there, which apparently was part of ‘the plan’). But I got a nice iridescent ‘Peace’ sign:


The gross-looking stuff in the jar is coconut oil, in case you were curious.

And there was a huge amount of Jesus candles there:


The total on the receipt was $2.12:


If we plug our ‘sign post’ number 659 into Pi we see it takes position 212:


212 is the gematria value of ‘The Light’ (האור), ‘Light’ or ‘Splendor’ (זהר), ‘There Are No Coincidences’ and ‘Warrior of the Light’.

After that I was guided to go to another store, which was kind of difficult to get to and was one where I hadn’t been before and this is where another big test of patience was learned. While walking into the store I was guided to the spice aisle (needed ginger) and I got the emotion of ‘STOP’ when I got there. So I looked for the cheapest one and then I was guided to just walk around. So whenever I would say okay guys I’m ready to go now, they would give me the emotion of ‘WAIT’.

While going around to another part of the store I saw a couple of sets of triple 7s which have been appearing a lot recently:


So I continue walking around and when I reach the produce area ‘they’ gave me the emotion of ‘OVER THERE’ which was a stand of assorted apples. And I’m like…okay I don’t need these but the emotion of ‘STOP’/’LOOK’ manifested and I was guided to take a picture of some of the PLU numbers on the signs:


The PLU number starts with 942 and this number was just written about the other day and this number when divided by 3 equals Pi (314) and this is on point for today because today is Pi day, March 14th, or 3/14. Or from my perspective, God/Source’s day.

The next PLU number began with 940:


Amazingly, if we plug 940 into Pi we see it takes position 144:


And the next PLU number had Pi backwards in it:


And I was guided to just look at the beautiful geometric patterns in the flowers (some of the flowers were green because St. Patrick’s day is coming up:


There was a card rack with the Merkaba beautifully decorated on it (Passover coming up):

So after walking around and waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes or so all together I finally get in line and a man comes up right behind me right after I get into line and comments on my orgone pendant. I told him about it and we talked for a minute while we waited to check out. Safeway is doing the Monopoly game thing right now and my mom and step-dad are playing so I have been giving them the tickets I get and this man said he would give me his if I waited for him.

And now is the reason why I had to wait. The man didn’t have enough money to buy the couple of bags he needed and I ended up paying for it (only like $4) but it meant a lot to him because he said he and his wife were homeless and they needed a couple of bags. He told me he was a military veteran with PTSD. In my experience with the homeless this is sadly very common. And Prescott isn’t the cheapest place to live.

So anyways that was the reason for the long wait in the store.

On the receipt I found out that the address of the store is 1044. This number just appeared recently in another report:


If we plug 1044 into Pi we see it takes position in front of 4110 which is our magic 410 appearing again and we see the sacred 369 appearing in the position number:


So after leaving the store there was some numbers on the electrical poles that stood out and I pulled into a parking lot to get some photos and amazingly there were a total of three sets of bang-on numbers that were related to these synchronicities. The first one was the last three digits on this pole below which was 363 and this is the gematria value of ‘The Messiah(המשיח) in Hebrew:


The first three numbers are 493. If we reverse this to 394 and plug it into Pi we see our other ‘sign post’ number 946 appearing right after it, indicating the correct path is being taken:


And the parking lot I pulled into had a dumpster in it with the number 3058 on it and we know 358 is the gematria value of just ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:


And right across from that was a box which had 910 on it and 9/10 or September 10th was the date of the massive X8.2 solar flare which occurred 6 minutes after starting our meditation for Hurricane Irma. This was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a meditation video:


After that I was guided to go back and get a photo of a construction sign which had Pi on it:


After that I was driving back and suddenly the emotion of ‘TURN’ manifested and I had to stop kind of quickly and make this turn to a thrift store which I had visited before. Right after walking in I noticed the most amazing painting:


And a wonderful affirmation of the nature of Love:


Right after that a woman said ‘5 minutes until closing!’. Amazingly, ‘they’ had just guided me there right before they closed.

After that I said okay that’s it I’m all done for the day. Time to go home. But on the way there I got the emotion to stop at another thrift store a little further down the road. I hadn’t been to this one before that thought, what the hey, why not?

It turns out that it’s mostly just guns and ammo there and that was really it. I was expecting other things there but that was pretty much it. So imagine me this hippie-looking, bearded lady-looking person dressed in all white walking into a guns and ammo store! Ha.. Sounds like the beginning of a good joke…

So anyways I walk around wondering why I am here and I go around the back and find a small package with a wolf howling on it. I thought, you guys brought me into this place just to find a little wolf (or maybe a fox?) on a package?? So here we see my spirit animal appearing on this big adventure:


After that I looked around for other things, realizing this is where I needed to be. The number 410 appeared a couple of times:

So after that I leave and decide to get some gas. I pulled in on pump 8 and I got the emotion of ‘8.88’ meaning get $8.88 worth of gas. And the gematria value of ‘Jesus‘ (Ιησούς) in Greek is 888.

The amount of gas I got for that amount was 2.961 gallons:


If we reverse 2961 to 1692 and plug it into Pi we see 410 in the position number:


This also appears right behind 265 and after April 10th (4/10) there are 265 days remaining in the year.

After that I was going home and got this emotion to turn in somewhere but I kept thinking it was something else so I ended up driving back and forth on this road like 3 times trying to find this place ‘they’ wanted me to go. So finally I turn into this parking lot area and park in front of a truck which had the number 632 on it:


And we know if we plug 410 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 632:


Amazingly today’s daily bible verse number is Psalms 23:6 which is 632 backwards:


And after that I was finally guided to drive home. And while on the way back there was a big rock towards the side of the road around a corner and after driving past it I got the emotion of ‘MOVE ROCK’. So I’m like okay you guys want me to turn around and go move that rock out of the way?

So I said okay and I turn around a couple of times to get there and I move the rock. Potential crisis averted? We will never know… But apparently someone ‘upstairs’ knows:


This particular post number is 28998:


If we divide 28998 by 18 we get 1611 which is another big number that appears throughout these works. This is the year the King James bible was published:


There is an entire other set of synchronicities that needs to be written which will take up a lot of space on this article so I think I will close this one out for now and do another one with those. This is everything for now, much love all!

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