Requesting Positive Intentions and Prayers for Younger Brother Right Now

He and his wife have been going through an ugly separation and we found out he has been admitted to a psych ward and is on a suicide watch for 72 hours. If anyone feels guided to send some positive intentions prayers for him that would be amazing.

I know everyone has their own lives to live and some other people might be going through hell right now as well but if they feel guided to send some love his way and his wife’s way that would be great. They both need it greatly.

Our family is continuing to go through a lot of hell right now and it’s unclear whether or not this is Archon/Parasite-induced/instigated or just the Matrix falling apart or both but I don’t want to lose him or anyone else because of it. I have almost lost my other younger brother to a suicide attempt years ago and that was very scary for all of us, especially him since he was obviously very unhappy. This is what helped me realize how important family is.

Wishing everyone lots of love.

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  1. So Sorry for your family’s challenges…
    It may sound trite, but suicide is a permanent “solution” for a temporary problem.
    Since there actually is no death to our consciousness, it offers no respite.

    Regardless of what transpired, people can never find peace in what has transpired, or what is yet to come….. only in this present moment can we surrender to that which is beyond our control, and release the burdens of judgment. We do our best in any given moment. Who can expect more? Focus on the now moment and what is possible in this moment. We must forgive ourselves so that grace also carries over to others.

    Cobra mentioned your dream and how much progress light forces are making, this is why the cabal attacks the vulnerable. Tell them they must hang in to see the good that is coming in our lifetime…a whole new world, love, peace and joy Forgiveness is key.

    Much love <3

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