Possible Astrological Alignment/Sign Given in Dream, Second Coming & Other Synchronicities

So this morning I had a very interesting dream where I was shown a possible astrological alignment or sign along with an emphasis on the sign post number 659. The time I finished documenting this dream was 1:55 AM and this is also a special number in these works. I will share the screenshot of what was written below. I accidentally added an extra 6 to the number while writing this down in my phone because I was so tired, but it is supposed to be 659:


If we plug the time this dream was documented 1:55 into Pi we see it takes position 314 which is Pi and I have learned that the appearance of Pi indicates that God/Source is organizing these synchronicities:


In the dream I remember the number 659 being associated with a list of things I believe and the last thing had to do with this possible constellation sign which was in the shape of a scorpion.

Now some might remember that I have received an astrological alignment in a dream in the past and thanks to a brilliant person who was able to decipher this (astrology is not my forte) these signs and figured out it was a date. And when this date came it was a big personal day where David Wilcock was kind enough to post one of my articles on his blog:


I have already discovered some amazing synchronicities related to this dream. Since there were no other signs besides the scorpion I thought it might be related to the Full Moon somehow. This was just a very uneducated guess. So amazingly I found out that the next Full Moon after this upcoming one this month will be on May 18th and this will be a Full Moon in Scorpio:


Now does this mean that this is what the dream was trying to communicate? Not necessarily, but it is the first thing I have found after looking into this. If anyone that is smarter than me in this subject and has anymore insight I would welcome this greatly!

Now here are some of the amazing synchronicities I have found after doing a little bit of digging and playing around with this information.

The date of that Full Moon is May 18th or 5/18 and the number 659 was connected to this in the dream. So I added these two numbers together (518 + 659) and got 1177:


And when I reversed this number 1177 to 7711 and plugged into Pi I got a jackpot number = 5555 and it appeared right after 3114 which are the digits of Pi:


The appearance of the number 5555 indicates very big changes manifesting. These might be personal or they might be on the world stage or perhaps both, it is impossible to know until it happens, if anything will happen at all.

Some might recall that 5555 was the address of the hospital I was born and worked at:


Today’s daily bible verse has some interesting information as well:


The gematria values of this verse are 410 and 265:


And we know after 4/10 or April 10th there are 265 days remaining in the year:


I would like to share a few synchronicities from yesterday while in town. It is interesting to note that the Universe is not strongly guiding me to add as many of these synchronicities to these reports recently. This has been wonderful as it has been a great break for my mind which is sometimes pushed to the limit when organizing and writing these reports.

Yesterday I went to town to get some groceries and I was guided to make a couple of stops besides going to the store. The transaction number was 1980:


And the number 198 appeared in the past and is the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘Christ Four Ten’, ‘Calm Before the Storm’, ‘The Proof of Gematria’, ‘All Things are Revealed’, ‘The Heavenly Goddess’, ‘Magic’ and ‘Wisdom and Knowledge’.

And after that I was guided to go to Goodwill (thrift store here in the US) and I was guided to a couple of interesting items. The first was a shirt which had the word ‘King’ on it. I just mentioned in a previous report that this word has been appearing a lot recently. I had just randomly picked a spot in the shirt section and found this one after a few seconds:


Then I found a small poster which had some Jesus-related information on it:


So apparently getting those pictures were the entire point of that visit because I ended up not buying anything. So then I was guided to get gas and I pulled up on pump number 14 and was amazed at the numbers on the pump from the person who got gas before:


They had put in $2.65 and we just saw that after April 10th there are 265 days in the year and the amount of gas they got was 1.002 gallons and this number 1002 has appeared in big ways as well.

The gematria value of ‘King of the World’, ‘Phoenix Rising’ and ‘Thomas A. Anderson’ (Neo’s name in ‘The Matrix’) have a value of 1002 using the same cipher and the gematria value of 1002 spelled out has a value of 4100.

Pi appeared as well in the gas pump numbers which was 13 and 14 = 1314:


And amazingly the last four digits of the phone number of this gas station is 3014 which are the digits of Pi as well:


And for some reason I am unsure of yet I was guided to take a picture of this timeline of historic dates for the city of Prescott at the library:


But while walking into the libary there was a young man with a sweater on which had a blue wolf head on it and I knew this was where I was supposed to go. The wolf is my spirit animal and when it appears in any form, that is a sign that the correct path is being taken.

And this particular post number is 29496:


The last three digits are 496 and this is our other sign post number 946 in a different order.

And if we multiply the digits of this post number together we get 3888:


Half of 3888 is 1944 and this is today’s date in year/month/day format 19/4/4:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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