More Numbers in Dreams, Other ‘Storm Coming’ Information/Messages in Dreams & Other Jesus-Related Synchronicities

So I wasn’t planning on writing this out today but YouTube and the other movie websites I use aren’t loading the videos at the moment so I am taking that as a sign that this is what I should be doing. This has happened countless times before where sometimes ‘they’ (higher forces) will turn off my internet or stop the car from starting so I can do the task that ‘they’ see needs to be done, which always ends up being something that I actually need to do.

So last night I had several interesting dreams that I wrote down but the two that will be focused on provided me with three different numbers = 659 (huge number in these works), 151 (gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’) and 1111.

After playing around with these numbers I found some very amazing things. The first dream is thus:


This number 659 has been instrumental in these works and in both of these dreams its importance was emphasized.

I haven’t really been analyzing the rest of the content of these dreams since there are literally so many happening it is difficult to pay attention to the details of all of them. But when numbers appear in dreams, I know that I really just need to pay attention to them and investigate them further.

So I was trying to figure out why Jesus was connected to these numbers and then I thought to combine the gematria value of his name (151) with the other numbers and this resulted in 1921:



And amazingly, if we plug 1921 into Pi we see it takes position 1618 and some might know that this is the abbreviated sequence of numbers which is known as The Golden Ratio or Phi:


This mathematical pattern appears everywhere in nature and the Universe:

Image result for 1.618 nature

If we plug 1921 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 3601:


If we reverse 3601 we get 1063 and this is the gematria value of ‘Jesus is Coming Soon’ and also appeared as the last four digits of my previous debit card:



The number 404 has been manifesting a lot in the past week or so and when I added 404 to the sign post number 659 I got 1063 amazingly:


The number 659 appeared on a trash can while my step-dad and I were working on a job in town yesterday. Between him and I we lifted 6,000 pounds (2,721 Kg) worth of cement steps for two stair cases in one day:


When I went into the store to go to the bathroom I walked past a calendar with a wolf on it and knew immediately that this was what I was supposed to be doing. The wolf is my spirit animal:


And Pi appears twice on the receipt from the store. Once in the zipcode and again as the last four digits of the phone number which is 1613 and if seen as military time this would be 413 which is Pi backwards:


The gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is also 493:


If we plug 493 into Pi we see our sign post number 659 again:


So the next couple of dreams might be messages for people in regards to changes that are coming. Or they might be of a personal nature. I think they could be interpreted in both ways.

The first dream was about a destructive storm that was coming:

April 5th, 2019 06:48 AM

At elementary school in Tucson. Got a text from my mom saying to rush because a hurricane is coming. I went into the cafeteria and I saw things being blown over. The storm was in the building. I remember driving around the school and there were big piles of boulders in the road and people were being rescued from their cars.

I saw a couple of tents where the news people were doing their broadcasts. I remember helping two people out of their car earlier who ended up being okay. I think I sent them to the nurse’s office. I remember trying to take a picture of the non-wrecked landscape earlier and it was beautiful. Lots of green and just a beautiful sight. I think the point of the dream was that this storm is coming and it’s going to get rough in some places, but people will ultimately be okay.

After pondering about this dream later on I realized that the fact that I was in an elementary school (one of the earliest levels of education for children in the US) meant that I (and/or we) could be in an early stage of training or life education. In dreams schools symbolize learning. And since this was an elementary school it could be an earlier stage of learning about something at this time.

This could also apply to people reading this. Some might be going through a very rough time right now and this could be training for the future when things get really crazy as everyday people in the Matrix will have their entire existence turned upside down and will be likely be freaking out.

This is just my own interpretation of this of course. Those reading this might have a different view of this since everyone and their life circumstances are different.

So the next dream was about an encounter with a high-level person who was working at the hospital I used to work at:

April 7th, 2019 04:35 AM

Dream about meeting with Banner (name of hospital) person, high-level. He said people are awakening and I began talking about the same thing. He started talking about a song and tried singing it but couldn’t remember the lyrics and I said “yes, that’s ‘Whatever it Takes'” and he said “yes, that’s the one!” We were trying to balance work with knowledge exchange. My family was there and our dogs showed up too for some reason.

And some might remember that Cobra had posted a song titled ‘Whatever it Takes’ by Imagine Dragons last month on March 8th. And on March 14th (Pi Day interestingly) the trailer for the latest Avengers movie which was titled ‘Avengers: End Game’ came out and in the trailer they repeat the phrase ‘Whatever is Takes’ in regards to defeating the enemy:

In another dream I saw the date November 11th repeatedly along with another number that has been manifesting in these works lately = 724. I am not saying this is a date that should be watched for but it was very important in the dream along with the number 724. Discernment definitely advised here.


The number 1559 appeared in big ways also. Yesterday while my step-dad and I were working on those steps he estimated that we would finish by 4:00 PM. And after we had packed everything up (slowly since we were so tired) and got into the vehicle I pulled out my phone and saw it was 15:59 (3:59 PM) which was one minute before 4 which was amazing. 1559 appeared again today and usually seeing a number twice now means there is something to be found out about it.

1559 is the 246th prime number:


We know the following words have a gematria value of 246: ‘Christ’, ‘Genesis’, ‘Pleroma’, ‘The Divine Understanding’, ‘The Incarnation of Jesus’, ‘Jesus Christ Son of God’, ‘The Logos Structure’, ‘Discovering Yourself’ and ‘Golden Proportion Phi’ (we just saw this number 1.618 appear earlier).

We know 246 plus 246 equals 492 which is another big number in these works:


This number 492 is connected to these dreams interestingly. If we subtract the three numbers from the dreams from one another we get 301:


And if we plug 301 into Pi we see it takes position 492:


If we plug 724, another number from a dream mentioned earlier in this article, into Pi we see it takes position 301:


Amazingly all of these numbers are connected even though they are spread out in dreams separated by several months. And 724 happens to be the result of 410 + 314 (Pi).

This particular post number is 29524:


The last three digits are 524 and this is the gematria value of a few interesting phrases all using the same cipher:

My full name and birth date spelled out:


The gematria value of the verse Matthew 18:11 is also 524:

“For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.


My Safeway membership number happens to be 0524:


If we multiply the digits of this post number together we get 720:


And 720 is the gematria value of ‘Wolf’ (λύκος) in Greek and so here we see my spirit animal appearing again:


If we plug the post number into Pi we see it takes position 2766:


And this number 276 has appeared in the past. 276 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘Three Minutes Past Eleven’ (my birth time), ‘Shaddai’ (another name for God in the Hebrew bible), ‘Ascend’, ‘Blaze’, ‘Flash’, ‘Jesus Returns to Earth’, ‘Gematria Reveals the Truth’ and ‘Are You Ready For The Event?’

I also want to note the amount of blue dots that are continuing to appear in my peripheral and main view of vision. While typing something out the other day I looked down and saw a small blue light on my keyboard and literally thought it was a blue light coming from this area. This light was that pronounced this time. Of course I quickly realized what it was and laughed. This happens when my eyes are open or closed.

The RV I am living in contains many synchronicities and I discovered a new one just the other day. There is a smoke detector/alarm in here and I pulled the cover off and noticed an 1111 on it, such a cool surprise!


And the date November 11th appeared as the ‘best-by-date’ on a granola wrapper from a few days ago:


And lastly we had some beautiful sylphs hanging around the other day:

This is everything for now, much love all!

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