Request for Others to Become Patrons on Patreon or Help with a Donation if You Feel Guided

I am just reaching out to see if anyone with the means and who feel guided to become a patron on Patreon or with a donation. I have been asking the Universe to help me manifest more income since Patreon and food stamps doesn’t always cover everything I need.

This is just a humble request for those who have the means to be able to help out and if they feel guided. I would feel awful taking from someone who is already struggling and I know a lot of people are struggling.

I will still write articles and make videos as I am guided to no matter what but I am hoping to see if I can make a little more than what is coming in at this time.

Wishing you all much love as always! For those who feel guided here is a video I made regarding this request! My apologies about the wind noise!


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