Other People’s Dreams About the Second Coming, ‘The 4400’ Synchronicities & More

It appears that the entirety of humanity is being gradually prepared for the Second Coming via dreams and visions. I have discovered synchronistic information within these people’s dreams that are perfectly aligned with these synchronicities. This has been written about previously.

I would like to share another such dream by a young man who said he heard trumpets being blown (very common theme in these dreams) and that he saw a very low Full Moon. Interestingly he posted this video on April 16th, 2019 which was three days before the Full Pink Moon which also fell on Good Friday which was April 19th, 2019 which many know is the commemoration of the day Jesus was crucified. He says he woke up at 8:53 AM and talks about this at the 4:13 mark. As soon as I heard this number I went back and searched for any appearances of this in these works and I found some incredible information.

The number 853 has a few very interesting synchronistic properties that are relevant to these works.

853 is 358 backwards and we know the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew is 358:


Amazingly, the 853rd prime number is 6599, so here we see the ‘sign post/dream‘ number appearing again. 659 is a number that appears in my dreams and in physical reality to show me the correct path is being taken.


853 is also the 147th prime number. So far I have found that the Universe really likes to express itself in prime numbers.

If we add 853 plus 147 we get 1000 which is another number connected to Jesus and one that has appeared in the past. According to one website the number 1000 means “Divine completeness and Father’s glory.”


Another number that has been appearing recently is 629. Upon further research I found that the gematria value of Pi spelled out ‘Three One Four’ is 629:


If we subtract 629 from our other ‘sign post‘ number 946 we get 317:


And if we plug 629 into Pi we see it takes position right behind 317 interestingly:


If we plug in today’s date April 27th or 4/27 into Pi we see it takes position 629 and appears right behind 713 which is 317 backwards:


427 backwards is 724 and this is the result of 410 + 314 (Pi):


If we add our magic number 410 to 629 we get another number which appeared in the past = 1039:


The 175th prime number is 1039:


175 is the gematria value of ‘A Storm is Coming’:


Pi (AKA God/Source) appears in the neighboring apartment number of one of the main characters in the show ‘The 4400’ and also backwards in another scene:



There are so many amazing things that have jumped out after watching re-watching various TV shows and movies with new knowledge I gain everyday. For instance, there are at least 5-6 actors which starred in ‘Stargate SG-1’ and ‘Atlantis’ who also appear in the show ‘The 4400’.

Additionally as amazing, one of the main characters in ‘The 4400’ acquires an ability which results in him being a shaman and receiving communication from a female guide named Cassie who only he can see. He is told that he will help guide Jordan Collier, the character who basically plays the Second Coming, and manifest paradise on Earth. I didn’t notice it before but this woman had what appears to be a blue rose on her scarf:

blue rose.png

It’s hard to see from the size of the above picture but when I was checking it out while watching the video I believe it was a blue rose. There are some amazing things connected to this symbol and it is apparently worn by people who are in a group which is called ‘The Order of the Blue Rose’ which is an actual organization connected to Jesus and the Essene community where he spent a lot of his time learning everything they had to teach; astrology, astronomy, numerology, meditation, healing & more:



There is a show I watched called ‘The Order‘ which is where I pulled a scene from for a previous video and was about a secret satanic order of people which called themselves ‘The Order of the Blue Rose’ which featured members like Oprah and other high-level people. This appears to be a co-opting of this name and practices like we hear a lot about.

This particular post number is 29716:


If we plug 29716 into Pi we see the number 756 appear at the beginning of the string of numbers:


And amazingly if we multiply the digits of this post number together we get 756:


756 is intimately connected to 410. The sum of the divisors of 410 equal 756:


If we reverse 756 to 657 and plug this into Pi we see it takes position 410:


If we plug our ‘sign post/dream’ number 659 into Pi we see 756 appears right before it:


And I wasn’t going to add this next part but I am being guided to now. While helping my step-dad move one of this trailers from his old house I went behind it to move the stuff out of the way and found a spider which appeared to be bouncing or dancing. It was bouncing up and down like crazy and I knew I had to get a video of it. How many spiders has anyone seen doing this?? It was quite a laugh! The spider has also manifested as my spirit animal (even though it’s not an animal I’ve found the term still applies) over the past year or so and has been enormously helpful in being a guide when I needed it. When I saw this I began to wonder if it meant anything and I thought that this spider was perhaps trying to communicate excitement in its own way. I don’t know this for sure of course but I will let everyone else decide what to think. I uploaded this to my other channel. There was no wind which would have made the spider move around like that so it was totally bouncing around on its own:

There have been a lot of synchronicities manifesting lately which were communicating a huge amount of excitement including a couple of ‘channeled’ poems, I suppose they could be called, which was featured at the end of the below article and beginning of the next article which manifested from an ‘external benevolent force’:



This is everything for now, much love all!

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