More Second Coming Synchronicities, More Prophetic Dreams & Synchronistic Visit to Town & Other Synchronicities

The continuation of Jesus-related synchronicities is still in full-force and there are several of them including an amazing story that I will share here.

The other day my mom asked me to come with her to help out a client with something they were seeking. I don’t wish to publicize my mom’s area of work in order to protect her identity.

So we meet this gentleman there and my mom told me in advance that he was someone who is involved with Jesus-technology, as she put it.

He gives her his card and I ask if I could see it and as it turns out he is planning on starting a kind of international set-up where the bible would be broadcast in over 6,000 languages.

I thought this was amazing because my mom usually doesn’t ask me to come with her when she works and it is also amazing because this is an encounter that is perfectly aligned with these synchronicity reports. Here is a front-and-back picture of his card:


I would like to share a couple of prophetic dreams which I believe have come true. I had two dreams where I saw a coded message from Cobra on his blog. I have seen coded messages in the past before they were posted but usually those were like a day or two in advance. This time I got the code more than two weeks in advance. Here is a screenshot of the first dream I had on April 8th, 2019:


315 is actually supposed to be 3-5 and ‘P grad’ at the end is supposed to be ‘P grid’. My apologies about these typos.

And here is the second one on April 18th, 2019:


And on April 27th, 2019 Cobra finally posted a 6-line coded message with the 5th line containing similar codes to what I saw in the dreams:


There is another prophetic dream that is yet to come true which occurred on April 4th, 2019 and contained the special ‘sign post’ number 659 in addition to what I interpreted to be an astrological sign in the form of a scorpion:


Amazingly, the next Full Moon on May 18th is in Scorpio and May 18th also happens to be the last day of the Eurovision Song Contest. I will explain why this is important in a moment.



I recently had a dream on April 30th, 2019 where I was hanging out with one of the bands who will be performing in that contest. Their band is called ‘KEiiNO’ with their very catchy song titled ‘Spirit in the Sky’ which I posted at the end of a previous report once.

Amazingly they uploaded their song to the Eurovision YouTube channel on April 4th, which was the date of the dream where I saw the scorpion sign which turns out to be the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio and also the grand finale of Eurovision. The length is 3:14 and so here we see Pi appearing:


Here is the screenshot of the dream:


So I think I have been shown which song is going to win this year. We shall see of course.

I was also recently looking into some information shared by Cobra and one of the things that came up was information about something called the ‘Fátima Prophecies’. A couple of days later I saw that the History Channel did a video on this and so far almost all of these prophecies have come true.

Long story short, in 1917 three young children were visited by an Ascended being called Our Lady who showed them what would happen if the people of this planet didn’t get their stuff together, change themselves and get rid of evil once and for all. Since that didn’t happen, all of the terrible things that were prophesied to happen took place including things from the third prophecy which applies to our current time, have been manifesting:

What was interesting is that this video by the History Channel was uploaded on April 10th or 4/10 so here we see this very special number appearing again throughout these works including that date being my birthday:


I was also guided to buy a new starter for the car I am using. What made me decide to buy that particular one was the double-appearance of the magic number 410 in the total which was $40.10 and the address of the company selling it which was 4410 in addition to the name of the company being ‘Ark Auto Recycling’. This seemed like a strong biblical connection that needed to be paid attention to = Ark = Noah’s Ark from the bible:



And finally today was a day of many other synchronicities and also another lesson in patience. Some of the best synchronicities must be waited for in order for everything to happen in a perfectly-timed manner. The problem with this is that I am very impatient and I have no idea what synchronicities are going to happen or when.

Here is the story behind today’s lesson. Thanks to many amazing people I have received some money which I used to pay my cell phone bill. Except the website wasn’t working. This has happened before where I will go to pay for something or do something online and the machines will suddenly shut down, the car won’t start or the internet will turn off until I think and figure out what I am supposed to be doing which always ends up being something I actually need to do which is related to these synchronicities or my mission in general.

Those beings ‘above’ have this power to turn things on and off they do so when I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. This is sometimes difficult since I am not always being told what to do, I am just supposed to follow my guidance and do what is right in every situation whenever possible.

So anyways the Verizon website wasn’t working for me and after like an hour of trying I said “okay this is happening for a reason, I have no idea why but it must be for a reason.” And so I thought about buying a refill card from which I tried to do but I got the emotion of ‘NO’ when I went to check out. So this really irked me. The only communication I get sometimes is ‘NO’ and I am just supposed to figure out what to do instead.

Except this time it involved playing the waiting game. The Ascended beings’ (maybe it’s them doing this maybe it’s not) favorite game! So after a while I went back to the Walmart website and tried to check out again and this time I got the emotion of ‘YES/GO AHEAD’ in my body and so I bought the refill card.

The website says it usually takes ‘minutes’ for the e-mail with the refill card number to reach the customer and I thought that would be great. Except we are playing the waiting game so ‘minutes’ is not going to apply here…Lol.

2 hours go by before I get the e-mail and I finally apply it to my cell phone and then I got the notification and realized that was why I had to wait. The time I got the notification was 16:10 or 4:10:

So all of that waiting to end up finishing everything at 4:10 which is one of the most important numbers one can possibly learn about in metaphysics and the Universe.

And finally I was guided to go to the store and stock up on everything I needed. Thanks to some very generous and amazing people I was able to get a lot of much needed basics like body wash and contact solution and food of course.

Before I left home though I noticed that the trip counter in the car read 410:


And on the way there I had to make a couple of turns down a neighborhood in order to get to the road I needed to get to. And interestingly I didn’t actually have to do that but apparently I was divinely-guided to a ‘For Rent’ sign which had 410 on it:


And interestingly the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 925, the same as the first 3 digits of the phone number on the sign:


And while at the store there were a couple of synchronicities. There was a magazine about Jesus:


And the receipt ended up having some special information hidden within its numbers. The transaction number was 2229:



And if we look up the meaning of the number 2229 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted at 12:23 amazingly:


December 23rd or 12/23 was the date I was guided to have a QHHT (past life hypnotherapy session developed by Dolores Cannon) where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus:


If we plug our ‘sign post/dream‘ number 659 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 1223:


And finally I was getting the number 820 synchronistically for the past several days and 820 is the result of adding 410 + 410. If we plug 820 into Pi we see it takes position 52, which are the digits of today’s date, May 2nd or 5/2. This aligns perfectly with the theme of the number 410 appearing throughout this particular report:


And if we plug in today’s date including the year (5/2/19) into Pi we see it appears right behind 314 in the string of numbers in addition to an 888 which is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek. Our other ‘sign post’ number 946 appears in the position number. These sign post numbers appear to let me know the correct path is being taken.



It is important to note that when Pi appears throughout these works it is the manifestation of God/Source, since one of its countless expressions is through mathematics. Pi is infinite just like the Universe. So actually when you are reading these synchronicity reports you are witnessing the face of God/Source in real time. Once someone realizes how the Universe expresses itself and makes an effort to acknowledge and recognize this they will begin to see it everywhere and the Universe will make itself more known to them. The key is to think of God/Source as mathematics, sacred geometry, numbers, vibrations, light, energy and most importantly, LOVE.

These synchronicities are being documented so that people will see that God/Source is real and that it is organizing these incredible events with precision so exact and so perfect that only an infinitely intelligent and creative force could calculate and execute them.

And to end this report on something funny there was a surprise invasion of cows on the way back home from town earlier!


This is everything for now, much love all!


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