Many Dreams; Prophetic/Jesus/Numbers/Celebration, Convergence of Synchronicities Today & More

There have been several interesting dreams and other synchronicities manifesting which will be shared in this post. Today seems to be some kind of a special convergence for these synchronicities as many are manifesting today.

The first is a prophetic dream from September 8th, 2019 which came ‘mostly’ true:


3 days later on September 11th, 2019 Cobra posted the song ‘Fly Me to Wonderland’ by Rocky M. Perhaps the 3 songs I saw were meant to be seen as ‘3 days’ until that song was posted. And if the dream is accurate then the next post on Cobra’s blog might be an intel update:


I had another dream featuring Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia this time:

September 15th, 2019 02:04 AM

Dolores, Julia and I came up with a plan to smoke out some negative people from their house in the evening around Christmas time. We mostly came up with a plan to burn their house down by studying the layout of her house and going from there.

I think she was going to use the ventilation ducts on the ceiling to do her part. We came up with some really wild strategy to do this. When it was time we left the house and she did something to the house target and then I heard Julia say a holiday cheer before I used a small piece of square paper which would start a fire on a tree I placed it on.

The square was small like 1×1 inch. I think the house belonged to the Black Nobility. We weren’t totally worried about being caught for some reason. I remember closing the sliding door behind Dolores and we were almost half making up the plan as we went along.

There was a lot of snow everywhere and I saw the leaf I attached the square to start to get red hot. I don’t remember Dolores’ part of the plan but it had to do with the inside of the house. Maybe I was just a distraction.

When I was writing down this dream in my phone I could hardly believe that Dolores and Julia would be involved in literally setting someone’s house on fire. But perhaps it was symbolism. People are free to interpret this or any dream as they feel guided of course. But it appeared that the Cannon family is really busy on the ‘other side’ trying to get these Archon/Parasites flushed out.

The same night the following dream occurred. I don’t really remember this dream so I can’t elaborate on it any further than what is written below:


I almost didn’t write the next dream down but ‘they’ (higher forces) wouldn’t let me go back to sleep until I did:


The next dream occurred about an hour later and seems to connect with another similar dream I had years ago:

September 17th, 2019 03:28 AM

Had this dream where I think I was some kind of Nazi scientist. I remember being in this large sophisticated research facility which studied plants. I picked up a unique piece of cactus which was in its early stage of growth. It was most strange-looking.

There were many young women there in white lab coats I believe who were students there. I approached one of them and started asking questions about the cactus. I asked several scientific questions including about the parents and so on.

Then I saw her on a computer and saw a photo copy of one of her tests which had a moderate coffee still stain on it which I laughed about and pointed out. It said ’45’ on it, not sure what this meant.

Then suddenly I went to a flashback where she was about to be killed by what appeared to be Nazis but I got in the way and demanded they stop before they brutally killed her. I was seeing this attempted killing from her perspective. The guards were using some blunt spear weapon. I saw myself try to stop them and I guess they spared her and made her a scientist. Then I woke up.

The next dream occurred later that night and it had everything to do with Jesus:


So yesterday I went for a walk and did my usual purge of anger and rage which is directed unidirectional. I’m angry that this process of liberation is taking so long and I am far beyond the point of exhaustion. I really let the higher forces have it. If there is one thing that boils my blood it’s being told to be patient. So I believe I was given the following dream because of all of what I said to them:

September 20th, 2019 00:42 (12:42 AM)

Had dream about huge party involving the living and the dead. The planning phase I was there for with the people and it was exciting. It was night time the whole time and almost a Halloween theme.

Then I walk into a huge house later with some food ready to party and all the guests are flat on the floor lined up against the walls. The lights are off and people are shushing me which made me mad and I threw a fit. I started to leave and one guy tried to stop me and then another tried.

When I woke up I realized this was a surprise party and I was trying to celebrate too early. It wasn’t time yet. I saw living souls and dead souls, if you will, working to make this party a success and my impatience was nearly ruining it.

What’s interesting here is the theme of ‘birthday/celebration’ which has been manifesting over the last couple weeks or so. This seemed to be connected with a dream where I saw colored birthday cakes everywhere. I didn’t know what to make of this dream so I just disregarded it:


Another synchronicity which goes along with this theme is the numbers on a receipt from the store from September 17th, 2019:


I couldn’t find any good information about these numbers until I tried subtracting the checkout time = 10:57 from the transaction number 8068 which equals 7011:


If we reverse 7011 to 1107 and look this number up in Strong’s Concordance we see the Greek word which is assigned to this number is ‘genesia‘ which means “a birthday celebration”.

The next dream from this morning contained a very wild adventure in addition to some numbers, which, so far, numbers appearing in dreams always has important meaning(s):


If we add these numbers together we get 922:


The last three digits of this particular post number happens to be 922. What are the odds of that?


Another dream which I don’t remember now featured the magic number 410:


And the last series of dreams were ones where I became lucid and so I decided to fly around because that feels amazing and then I asked the ‘higher ups’ to take me to the day of the Event so I could see what it looked like. But all I got was the following:


There are several relevant songs which have been uploaded just today which go along with this convergence of synchronicities regarding liberation.

The following song is titled ‘Eschaton’ by Tony Anderson. Eschaton is a theological word meaning: “the final event in the divine plan; the end of the world.”

The next one is titled ‘Close to the Sun’ by The FatRat:

And finally the next song is titled ‘For God so Loved the Cosmos’ by Phil Larson:

Jesus and the number 410 are continuing to appear. While a relative came to visit the other day we were watching TV and The Simpsons was on. During one scene the number 410 appeared as a time stamp:


And during the commercial breaks there was an advertisement for a new show called ‘Bless the Harts’ which features Jesus as a character. So here we see Jesus and the number 410 continuing to appear together:


My spirit animal the Wolf possibly appeared in the form of a Wolf Spider (that’s what my relatives identified it as) while going over to another house to do some work on it:


The Eagle is continuing to appear and did so while I was driving in town the other day. I never noticed it before but there was a big Eagle painted on a wall down one of the main streets. This animal has been appearing synchronistically since it was first mentioned on the FM144 blog:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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