Synchronistic Trip to Town, Jesus Everywhere & More

So there are times where I am guided to wear certain colors on certain days. I never know why until later in the day when very big synchronicities manifest. This has been documented in several previous reports. The colors ‘they’ have guided me to wear are only all-blue or only all-white. Yesterday I was guided to wear all-blue (shorts, shirt and underwear) for the first time in more than a year. I didn’t put it together until later on but it was Friday the 13th yesterday in addition to being a Full Moon.

I found many spiritual meanings for the use of the color blue but wasn’t sure which one applied here. They were all positive so any of them could apply I suppose. One website mentioned that the color blue is being used more by churches for Advent (season of the Second Coming).


Sometimes ‘they’ would guide me to wear all white (the white outfit was obtained synchronistically) and the biggest synchronicities would take place that day without knowing about them in advance. I suppose I just need to trust God/Source that this was what was supposed to happen on this specific day.

Yesterday I asked the ‘higher ups’ to help me manifest an amazing day today because I really needed a nice day where I didn’t have to do or think very much. I would just be a tourist in Prescott and check everything out.

But many Jesus-related synchronicities manifested. These just happen and I don’t have any control over them. Unless of course I (or someone/something else) am arranging them/changing reality while I am sleeping so they can be documented the next day or at some point which is what I was shown in a dream:

February 12th, 2019 02:16 AM

“Jesus Synchronicities new direction?

Started forming the synchronicities with street signs and moving large objects in place to align them. I think I was someone who arranged these synchronicities to be found. I think I changed the location of objects to make these synchronicities work.

First I had gone to get something to drink at the store and then to a restaurant to get food and interestingly the number 105 appeared in a couple of forms on both receipts in addition to the order number being 104 which are the digits of 410. 105 had been appearing recently before this too:


In Strong’s Concordance the Greek word which is assigned to the number 105 is ‘aetos‘ which means ‘eagle’. So here we see the eagle manifesting once again. This animal began to manifest in various forms at the time an intel report was written by a website called FM144 which claim to be of the Light Forces and they mentioned that the Cosmic Central Race were depicted as eagles.

After eating I had gone to the library where I was guided to pick out a book which was on the end of a shelf titled ‘The Encyclopedia of Misinformation’, which I found, ironically, had a lot of misinformation in it…


However, upon opening this book and checking it out there was a page which had information about the fictitious phone number used in TV shows, 555-2368, which had been used as an ‘inside joke’ since the ’80s:


What is interesting is that the number 555 appeared (which has been appearing a lot recently) in addition to the number 2368, which happens to be the gematria value of Jesus’ name in Greek (Ιησούς Χριστος). Surely this number wasn’t chosen arbitrarily:


Then I walked around to the Salvation Army store and looked around inside and ended up seeing my spirit animal the Wolf on some kind of ornaments:


Got a better photo of the 410 on a different sign which is still close to the open bible and photo of Jesus in the display window:


While walking around this store I went to the back section where the books and outdated cassette and VHS tapes were and I approached one shelf without paying too much attention and found a tape regarding the Second Coming, front-and-center. When I was looking through the photos on my phone later on I saw that this photo was the 410th one:


For some reason there appeared to be swastika patterns in the main court house building (noticed this months ago) and on other parts of building entrances in Prescott. Wise researchers know this is originally a spiritual symbol meaning spiritual advancement (among other meanings) but the Nazis co-opted it. It remains to be known what the intent here was. But I can tell you there is a lot of evil in Prescott:


While visiting another store there was another Jesus-related gift item:


There was an amazing hoodie for sale at another store:


While getting a picture of the front of the courthouse I got it at about 4 minutes ’til noon and at this same time a big butterfly flew to my right. Sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture with the butterfly in it. This seemed to be a sign that a change (4 minutes ’til the clock strikes the hour, butterfly = change) is going to be/currently is manifesting:


So I went back to the library (they have very clean bathrooms!) and decided to walk around it in a direction I hadn’t gone before and noticed a biblical timeline was written into the concrete. They included year 0 being the probable year Jesus was born:

While at the library I was sitting down and noticed a collection of Babylon 5 DVDs for sale across from me on a cart. The TV show with the most disclosure I have personally seen in all my research is Babylon 5. It has pretty much everything and I wrote an analysis of this show which got the attention of the show’s director, writer and producer, J. Michael Straczynski. Here we also see the repeating 5s:


Just as an aside, it was amazing to see buildings which were built in the 1800 and 1900s and were still in good condition. The black and white photo is from 1923 I believe and the color picture is from today:

After that I decided to just sit down on a bench near the main courthouse (also very old) and enjoy the weather. A nice couple of gentleman approached me and one of them complimented my shirt (it says ‘Love and Peace’) and we began talking. They were devout Christians and we were discussing the war between good and evil playing out right now. And of course I will always take advantage of this opportunity if possible and tell them as much as they can handle.

I told them about the Italian Black Nobility families being the top of the pyramid (Spider people AKA Chimera Group might have been too much) and much more. One of the gentlemen let me take a picture of his t-shirt:


We talked about the Second Coming and and many other things. And then it was time to head home.

I would like to share another Jesus-related experience from a recent visit to see some friends. They have given me permission to share this on this blog without revealing their identity:

September 1st, 2019

“During our conversation, I suddenly saw kind of an overlay over your face. It lasted only for a second or so and then disappeared again.

The best way I can describe it is to visualize it with a slide projector. As you are too young to have seen a slide projector in use, you might to have find out about this device on the internet.

Slide projectors were used a long time ago to project pictures on the wall or on a screen.

And this is exactly what I saw happening.

For a second or so I saw the projection of another face over your real face. And this projected face looked exactly like Jesus Christ is quite often depicted in pictures etc.”

This is most interesting because I had the same exact experience more than a year ago at my old apartment. I was in my room not doing anything special that I recall and suddenly my own face appeared in my mind’s eye and the same kind of overlay of Jesus’ face somehow manifested over it except it was the same exact face. It happened very fast. The same moment this happened I experienced a jolt or strong energetic ‘push/punch’ to my gut, as if to emphasize the experience. I didn’t document it because it was unusual and this was a time when the Jesus synchronicities were manifesting very strongly and I didn’t want them to be.

Recently our rural road has been re-paved. This felt like a sign that a new path was being laid down and a new start was going to manifest, either personally or for everyone, that wasn’t totally clear:


The number 410 appeared in connection to Jesus once again in the form of a video which appeared in my recommended feed on YouTube. It manifested in the form of a license plate and the people in the video were Christians:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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3 Responses to Synchronistic Trip to Town, Jesus Everywhere & More

  1. Frank says:

    What did your friend say in regards to the ‘overlay over your face’? Did he have an explanation for it? What is your idea? Do you have any explanation?

    What is your explanation for your experience more than a year ago? Did you two discuss these similar experiences and the possible cause of it?

    The first thing I thought was that this is mind control applied on you. Have you ever thought of this possibility?

    If it was mind control you two must be very special to be able to see it in action.

    It would be very interesting to find out more about it, especially to find out about the abilities you two have that enable you to see this.

    And thank you for your video which I liked a lot. It led me to your blog and this very interesting post about the ‘overlay’.

  2. thankyourmuse says:

    Well, well, well…so great to see your face! And you look good in BLUE!!!
    I also like the ‘Get your shift together’ shirt…that was cool.
    I have never watched Babylon 5, but do like some sci-fi’s…Use to love Star Trek (The captain Kirk got all the and some newer ones like The 100 or The Expanse…so many new ones out there.
    I have been to Prescott but never really stopped and walked around.
    You are right, the swastika was a manifesting symbol and it would spin. But Hitler tried to get power metaphysically, by turning the arms the other direction and he also sought out the ‘Spear of Destiny’ (the spear the soldier stuck into Jesus’s side, because he felt it had power..I guess there exists this relic, but who knows if Hitler ever possessed it and many said he went to Argentina and was not killed. He also was said to be in contact with the Tall whites who were working with him to build antigravity devices, and how our gooberment brought these scientists over here for what they had discovered and to work for us in ‘Operation Paperclip’.
    Anyway…very interesting about the phone number thing…LOL,
    The projector thing is interesting, I have watched slide shows with these and the new projectors you can actually play tv stations on now or use them as projectors. Some say the faces you see in the mirror are past lives…I have seen people’s faces change like that and it’s fascinating, I told him he looks much better in this life, as he looked like a scruffy pirate.
    Did you realize the reason for wearing blue?
    DId you notice the blue sign that said ‘Code * Adam’? That was kinda bizarre!
    As usual, very interesting stuff! 😉

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