Wave of Love/Daily Bible Verse Synchronicities, Child Sex Abuse Dream, 410 Appearing & More

There are some more interesting synchronicities manifesting regarding The Event and other subjects which will be shared below.

The first was a dream about helping a young man attempt to escape a life of sex slavery:

September 26th, 2019 02:00 AM

Child sex slave dream. So I was with some so-called “spiritual” friends who were gathering together for a small get together and sales event where I would sell orgonite. I was talking to one of them when I came up to a table and saw a young Asian boy who I started talking to.

I was excited to see young people at these events. I asked him how old he was and he said 16 but he didn’t seem too happy. Then the scene changes and I saw one of my friends start talking to this 20-something gangster kid like they were friends. I was shocked by this and didn’t approve at all.

I then realized my friend was somehow involved with this guy. I knew that guy was the Asian kids’ pimp. So I went over to the Asian kid and asked him some questions which I already knew the answers to.

I told him to run but he had to do it now while the other two were busy. He went into his pimp’s car and took a gun and we started running. This was all night time. Then I started to run in slow-motion of course. He is going very fast.

I see some apartments to the left which I thought would be good if he could sneak in a window or something or find a really discreet place. I was going to tell him not to move until I came back for him. I was going to say that I turned my back and then he was gone. But then I woke up.

I really wish I could have figured out what happened to this Asian guy but there was no other insight except for that, assuming this dream is something to take seriously.

The number 410 appeared again on one of the websites that Cobra included in his most recent blog post:


If one hovers their mouse over the video on the website they will see the start time of the broadcast to be 4:10 PM:


Cobra posted that blog post at 5:09 PM:


And very interestingly the word assigned to the number 509 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anóthen‘ which means: “(a) from above, from heaven, (b) from the beginning, from their origin (source), from of old, (c) again, anew.” which goes along perfectly with the context of the post:


“Interstellar sources are communicating that cosmic shift is accelerating, and the whole universe is going through a phase transition into the new cosmic cycle. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.

The Galactic Central sun is becoming more active even at subluminal speeds, as the signal of the previous galactic superwave traveling with the speed of Light is perfectly entrained with the new one that is coming extremely soon…”

Gaia Portal posted an interesting message yesterday:


This resonates very strongly because an epic wave of chaos ensued over the past few days (more than usual) with three of our vehicles needing some kind of repair at the same time in addition to other nonsense which I thought to be Archon/Parasite interference. Who knows for sure. It was hell and now it’s sort of calming down. I tried/am currently relying on my faith in God/Source/Higher Beings during this time and some of it has worked out so far.

The gematria value of this message is 796:


If we plug this into Pi we see 410 backwards at the beginning of the string of numbers:


There are some possible synchronicities related to the Wave of Love which appeared on a receipt from the store:


After fiddling around with these numbers I couldn’t really come up with anything except for words assigned to those numbers in Strong’s Concordance.

The word assigned to the number 2229, which is the transaction number backwards, is ‘zaram‘ which means “to pour forth in floods, flood away”.

And the word assigned to the checkout time 113 is ‘adon‘ which means “Lord”.

So together these words could mean that the ‘Lord’ (God/Source, or however you want to call it) is going to ‘flood away’ negativity with the Wave of Love. That’s what makes sense to me, assuming this is what I was supposed to find, if anything.

And while pulling into the parking lot where that store is I picked a random place to turn into and realized I parked in front of a car with ‘Jesus is Lord’ on their car. I actually parked behind the car once before but I couldn’t find that synchronicity report with that picture:


Today’s daily bible verse has some interesting information within its details:


VERY interestingly, the gematria value of this verse is both 959 and 321, both numbers which have been appearing together for the past several days, among countless others.


And amazingly when I was randomly playing around with the Pi calculator I found that 321 takes position 959. What are the odds of all that?


These are actually both countdown/time’s up numbers.

321 is a countdown, naturally.

And 959 on a clock would be one minute until 10:00 and 1000 can be seen as a number of completion and finalization which is what we are about to experience (The Event). This number is also sometimes connected to Jesus.

And then, if you can believe this, the gematria value of the Greek word ‘katartizō‘ (κατηρτισθαι) is 959 and this word means “(a) I fit (join) together; met: I compact together, (b) act. and mid: I prepare, perfect, for his (its) full destination or use, bring into its proper condition (whether for the first time, or after a lapse).


If we look up the meaning of the number 959 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that it was posted on March 14th, or Pi Day so here we see Pi appearing once again:


This particular post number has the first 5 sequential digits in it (01234):


I am still continuing to drink a gallon of water a day and am still seeing blue dots/lights in my peripheral and main field of vision when the eyes are open and closed.

This is everything for now, much love all.

PS While looking for a song to add to this page ‘they’ gave me the emotion to pick this one:

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Interesting…if you know how to do dream work, you can find the asian boy again, it’s like shawman work…I’ve done it before, going back into dreams to either change the ending or do something to help those in the astral. You probably understand dreams are in the astral.
    I decided to look up 410 in numerology but didn’t find the meaning of it in numerlogy, just angel numbers…you probably posted the meaning before but here is what I found:
    410-Angel number meaning for 410 is an indicator of many events to come. Number 4 is a symbol of war. This is a struggle between good and evil. Number 0 is an emphasis number. It is to assure you that the guardian spirits are on your side.

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