Prophetic Dreams, Prepare Dream, UFO Dream, Jesus Synchronicities, & More

(Added some more amazing synchronicities towards the bottom!)

So last night I had a few very interesting dreams which I will share here. Most of them appearing to be prophetic. I am posting this today because of reasons you will read below.

Here is the first dream which appeared to be a message about things happening very quickly and that we needed to be prepared. This appeared to be another ‘barely on-time’ dream where everything that needed to be prepared for was hopefully done so by the skin of our teeth:

October 3rd, 2019 01:15 AM

Dream about visiting Costco (very large bulk buying superstore) and getting several things I needed. They had huge tubs of hummus and was full in-stock. I walked around for a while.

And then suddenly the employees were breaking everything down and just like that the store was closing down that day. It happened extremely fast. Like people were almost caught off guard.

I asked the female employee there what happens when you lose your job in one day like this? She sadly replied that they would have to get together somewhere and I think I heard her say off-planet. I think.

They had put up fences in the store so people couldn’t go everywhere and a lot of the food was gone. I believe the message was to be prepared because this is all going to come suddenly and happen very fast!

The second dream was about seeing a spherical-shaped craft which flew above my brother and I. He was totally shocked by this which was awesome as it was a positive experience:


Solver should be ‘silver’, ag should be ‘at’.

The craft looked like this but with two silver lines going around the middle of it horizontally:

Image result for white sphere horizontal lines

The third dream gave me a date. Although I wasn’t sure when I woke up if it was 8/4/19 (August 4th, 2019) or tomorrow’s date so I just wrote both down and screenshot them both. I saw the date in the Pi calculator:


I decided to look back and see if there was anything interesting that manifested on August 4th, 2019 and the only thing I could find was this dream about an assassination attempt on Trump and Melania:


Tomorrow’s date makes more sense since tomorrow is that date I think I saw in the dream. So we will see. As usual it is not a good idea to set your heart on any date.

I want to include another dream which was very interesting and features a battle of good versus evil:

September 30th, 2019 03:54 AM

Captain Planet dream (positive children’s cartoon from the ’90s). So I was with a friend who was in danger of being discovered for some reason. We were running away from these bad guys when a small group of our rivals appeared to my friend and tempted her with power.

She almost went along with them but the Planeteers arrived just in time! It was Ma-Ti who had the power of heart and he said they have power but they do not forgive.

So we get away and they keep chasing us. We make it to this spiral ramp which went downwards and we met up with the other Planeteers there. It was so great to see all of them!

They used their powers to protect my friend. All of these being were small compared to my friend. Gi (power of water) was asked if she still spoke Yiddish or some other language like that and she said yes and she felt bad that she taught it to one of the other rivals who misused it I think.

They were ganging up on us to they decided to call in Captain Planet which they all did together and then I woke up. It was a very intense battle!

The number 618 has been appearing recently (like when I opened by receipt drawer) and so I was prompted to look more into this and found that it is the gematria value of the Greek word ‘τελεσθηναι’ ‘teleó‘ which means ‘to bring to an end, complete, fulfill’. This goes along perfectly with the theme of completion which has been manifesting in these synchronicities for some time now. The number assigned to this word in Strong’s Concordance is 5055 so here we see the 555 appearing once again:



Three more numbers in particular have been manifesting more prominently than the others and those are 944, 111 and 222. These have all appeared in previous reports. When I added these together I got the number 1277:


And interestingly tomorrow, October 4th, will be the 277th day of the year. This would go along with my dream from this morning where I was shown this date, tomorrow’s date:


We know 277 is the 59th prime number:


And 59 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


And very interestingly this particular post number ends with 59:


Today’s daily bible verse has some information which appears to be connected to some of this:


The gematria value of this verse is 410, which is tomorrow’s date (4th of October) which may have appeared in the dream and is a very magic number:


This is everything for now, much love all!

So later today I went to the store to get groceries and had some amazing synchronicities manifest which I will include below. First I will share the information on the receipt. The total cost of the trip was $43.97:


And after trying to get something out of the transaction number and checkout time I just got dead ends. So I looked into the total checkout cost and got a couple of amazing hits.

The Hebrew word assigned to the number 4397 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘malak‘ which means ‘messenger’ but in the context of the bible it is used to identify beings as ‘angels’. What is most interesting was that I was guided to take a picture of a little guardian angel pendant in the clearance section. What are the odds of that?


The Greek word assigned to the number 4397 is ‘prophétikos‘ which means ‘prophetic’ and this goes along perfectly with the dream I had this morning (at least the one with the date) which was included in the beginning of this article.

Before going into the store though I saw this great bumper sticker (among many) that I wanted to photograph in the past but when I went to get the photo the car was gone. But today they were there:


And on the way back to the car out of the store a car pulled forward to drive away and revealed a 444 on a taxi cab. This felt like a magical moment. 444 has many meanings including being a message that angels are watching over you:


When I went to get gas on the way to the store I got a 410 on the receipt:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Wow, very cool synchronicity…funny thing happened, I went to get milk for my Mom and she hands me a $20, so I get 3 gallons as she requested, and the cashier only gave me $7 in bills, no change or coins…I thought it was odd but went home and gave my Mom the change and she said the same thing I was thinking…why no coins…I said, I don’t know, but she looked at the receipt ans says oh, tax was 70 cents, and the milk was $4.10 each…when she said that I laughed…I thought of you! Also what this meant in the angel numbers…an event…so there you have it…LOL, thought you would get a kick out of that one! 😉

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