More Booms Felt, More Synchronistic Visits to Town, More Jesus Synchronicities/Dream & More

So there have been several interesting synchronicities and dreams manifesting which will be included below.

On February 18th in the evening time there were 3 more booms similar to the first one which I seemed to be synchronistically warned about which was written about in a previous report. This time shook the whole RV!


The explanation was suggested to be a meteor, like the last boom, although who really knows for sure. There weren’t any synchronicities surrounding these booms this time that I am aware of:

So the last visit to town (before the one I will be writing about today) was interesting and I was led to various Jesus-related things. I was guided to park the car and take a photo of a bumper sticker featuring Jesus on it. It says ‘Do You Follow Jesus This Close?’:


Then I was guided to park farther down and start walking in a certain direction. I crossed the street and was wondering what I was doing there and as I was turning around I saw a license plate which read ‘God Is My Pilot’. This seemed to indicate that God/Source was indeed guiding these synchronicities:


Right after that I was energetically pointed to a receipt on the ground which I was guided to pick up and take a photo of. It was a receipt for gas and the total came out to $33. And we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


So later on at the grocery store I was guided here and there as usual and I was guided to pick up a quart of mushroom broth, which I wasn’t interested in buying but this is what they guided me to pick out anyways. I looked and saw the number 410 in the barcode:


Then, while at the library, my spirit animal the Wolf appeared in the form of a puzzle which was being put together on a table at the library:


Then while at the thrift store I was guided to take a photo of the bibles in the front of the store again:


And they had a little sign which read ‘Get A Grip’ which they guided me to get a photo of which I believe was because I wasn’t doing so well psychologically:


So this visit to town today was very interesting. While at the library I was walking around and saw a librarian rolling a cart up to the aisles so she could put those books back on the shelves. One of the books that was front-and-center had ‘Wolf’ in the title:


Then while looking up some books to borrow I noticed that there was an option to filter out books which only pertained to Jesus:


I was guided to checkout two books related to Jesus:

After this I was guided to go over to the ‘for sale’ section of the library and was guided to take a photo of the DVD with the title ‘Unconditional Love’, which is coming for everyone on this planet:


After that I was guided to go to the mall which was near the arts and crafts store where I picked up some catalyst for my resin for making orgonite. After walking in I was amazed that there was a standing ad for how toxic the water is. They even included fluoride which is one of the worst things:


Then I was looking around and was immediately drawn to the food court where one of the places to eat, called ‘Cozmic Potato‘, featured extraterrestrials everywhere!

I took one of the pictures at 11:11 AM which is a number that has been manifesting much more recently. It used to manifest often years ago but now it is coming back pretty strongly. I talked to the guy at the counter who happened to be the owner and we talked about pretty much everything for about an hour probably. It seems that he is a Starseed who is doing a great job at his mission! Additionally, while we were talking a young woman came up to the counter and chimed in on our conversation and she added ‘Pleiadian’ while we were on the subject which was interesting. She also had a lot of knowledge about ETs and the gov’t covering it up. So after all of this it was time to go.

After leaving the mall I was guided to go to the store as I hadn’t eaten anything yet and was suggesting to the Higher Ups that I should just eat at home since they had me drop all of this money on groceries recently. But they said I needed to get something at the store. So I go in and get a few things, which they picked out for me, which was okay because they know what I like, and when I go to checkout something really small but funny happened.

The couple of people in front of me moved the little divider in between one another’s batch of items for each other and I did the same thing for the person behind me and he did it for the person behind him. So I said “oh we have a little train going!” It was a nice little encounter between people who didn’t know one another.

Here is the amazing synchronicity from that receipt:


The transaction number is 913 and the checkout time is 1:11. The gematria value of the first portion of Genesis 1:1 (‘[In The] Beginning’, בראשית) is 913:


913 is also the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Logos’ (λογωι) which means ‘Word’:


After that I was walking out and was face-to-face with another Jesus sticker on a lamp post this time:


After that I started to drive back towards home except I got the guidance to turn around and head towards a certain street which didn’t seem to have any parking so I parked in front of the Salvation Army Thrift Store. After being energetically guided towards the U-Haul truck area next to a repair shop I realized why I was there:


After that I was guided to go into the Salvation Army Thrift Store and just look around. After first walking in I noticed what seemed to be the script for the Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera:


After walking around the store some more I was guided to get a photo of a butterfly and then an angel in a square piece of glass:

I was guided to pick up a package of candles which had the number 410 forwards and backwards on it. If they hadn’t guided me to these I would have walked right past it:

After getting these photos and just generally looking around I was guided to head out. What was interesting was that when I walked back to the car and started to drive towards home I noticed that the U-Haul with the green ET on it was parked in front of the shop as if it was going to be used soon. I thought of this as a synchronicity which might mean that our brothers and sisters are here watching us and are ‘on standby’. The photo below happens to be number 9999 and this could also go along with this synchronicity:



So after that I headed back home and I synchronistically arrived back at home at the same time as my family members.

The number 1408 has been manifesting quite a bit more lately and after researching this I found that it is the gematria value of the Greek word ‘sótér‘ which means ‘Savior’:


There have been several dreams manifesting which will be shared below. But first I was getting the impression of how important Jerusalem was. It just kept manifesting as an energy in my body and mind and I felt that it was very important to document this:


The Fox appears to be the latest spirit animal to appear synchronistically in my day-to-day routine (brand names on t-shirts and so on) and now including in a dream:

February 22nd, 2020 03:17 AM

Fox Spirit Animal dream. Had dream about really reckless kid, he needed discipline and I gave that to him.

We were at someone’s house and he knocked down a large entertainment center and the glass doors broke and the glass went everywhere. I demanded that he come out and help us, and he did for a little bit.

After that he was crying underneath something in the living room and I noticed he had a fox tail with some white stripes on it and a couple of them looked like tiny little insects looking up at me, maybe snakes.

But they were definitely alive. I felt bad for him and asked him why he was crying. I tried to be there for him. Then I woke up.

The next one seemed to be a dream regarding making preparations for something:

February 22nd, 2020 07:00 AM

With Picard [Star Trek Starship Enterprise Captain] and another from the Enterprise. We were cleaning up some mess on the patio of an apartment building which was quite tangled. But we did it, piece by piece.

I thought about how we were cleaning up before something happening but didn’t know what.

The next dream was a powerful Jesus dream which featured Benjamin Fulford which I finished writing at 4:10:

February 23rd, 2020 04:10 AM

Part of two separate ceremonies which were done barely in time which consisted of myself wearing all-white and Ben Fulford saying a kind of prayer that I don’t recall now.

I knew I needed Ben to do this. He had some important knowledge which I wanted for the ceremonies. There were several people there, some I knew and most I didn’t.

The second ceremony also began barely on-time a little after 6 PM. I had just kind of frantically changed into my white outfit (after changing out of a few layers of shirts) and apparently part of this ceremony involved putting some gold-colored wiring on top of my head which went around it several times, kind of the thorns but with gold wire.

I think I asked Ben to do these ceremonies for me which a few other people took part in and many watched. The location(s) seemed like very large mansions or houses, especially the second one.

To do the second ceremony we had to walk a little ways to get to the room where it took place. It almost seemed like a very large guest area. The thought of appearing like Jesus came to mind a few times.

I don’t know what the second ceremony entailed but it seemed to be a very rushed but sacred one. People were laughing in addition to myself doing the same during the preparations.

Ben was taking it very seriously in both ceremonies but didn’t quite seem to know what he was doing them for. I don’t recall the prayers he said or what happened in either of the ceremonies.

I think there were other portions of dreams which were preparing for these ceremonies. I woke up just after the second one began.

This is myself wearing my all-white outfit (obtained synchronistically) with the gold-wiring around my head like in the dream:


And now here is a dream about being abused by a famous band member in addition to another dream experience of being able to edit reality to create synchronicities:

February 24th, 2020 02:21 AM

Dream about old bestie escape from band member’s house. So I was watching my old bestie from an outside perspective as she found herself being invited to the house of a famous band with its members living there.

At one point one of the members became very grabby and sexually aggressive which led to some torture which she was trying to get away from. During the torture I was in her body experiencing it and was trying to formulate an exit plan.

I remember at one point before all of this of seemingly being able to edit reality and create synchronicities.

I cut out the number 5558 which were in blocks and seemed to be from a house number. I added a 5 to that which overlapped so it was 5555 as well in addition to the other which looked like a scrapbook page. Lots of pieces edited together.

So then I found a way to get to a room which locked and some clothes to change into and tried to find my way the hell out of there. I did so and I could hear the man talking about me in a negative way. It was a nightmare experience.

I think the band was KISS but it’s hard to say now. It was a band like that if it wasn’t them. They were very well-known. Then I woke up.

I have been having countless dreams of being in a classroom setting. There are some where I am the teacher but there are many where I am the student. This seems to be reflecting reality where I am learning to live on faith and to trust the guidance of God/Source/Higher Ups. It is not easy but the miracles are mind-blowing. I believe everyone will be living like this in the future, following their guidance 100% and learning to trust an ‘invisible force’ which gives them everything they need when they need it.

Another interesting development is that I recently wrote about a dream I had where I was moving in with a family member and their friend which appeared to be a very positive experience. Well I believe I figured out why the Higher Ups have been having me buy all of these things like groceries and other bathroom supplies recently. It seems that they have been gradually preparing me to be able to make this move as smooth of a transition as possible. What’s amazing is that I did a free Tarot card reading online where you pick 10 of them randomly and they give you guidance on your situation.

And on a couple of the cards they said that a favorable move to a new residence might happen and that I would be very busy soon but the overall outcome would be positive. And probably a few hours or so after doing this reading one of my relatives texted me asking about some apartments I used to live in and I told him about my dream and that we should see about trying to move in together which would help all of us tremendously.

I am being guided to the number 410 continuously. After clicking on a music video in my recommended feed on YouTube I found that the band was formed on April 10th:

april10thhhThis particular post number is 32490:


If we plug 32490 into Pi we see the magic number 410 appear in the string of numbers:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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