New Video: Liberation is Coming 432Hz

For those who feel guided I just finished a short and hopefully inspirational video. I wasn’t guided to include it in its own article right after making it go live as usual which I thought was strange. But when I went to check my e-mail I noticed that the time I got a notification from YouTube letting me know about a copyright claim on the song I used (this is normal) was 4:10 PM. So perhaps that was the reason for waiting to write this!

The new YouTube interface doesn’t allow me to see the time videos are uploaded anymore, only the date which I find quite annoying, considering the face that they have a seemingly endless array of options which allow someone to analyze countless statistics about any given video. In any case, it is possible that this video finished uploading at 4:10 so here we see this magic number appearing again:


Hope you all enjoy this one! Much love!

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