Synchronistic Adventure in Town, Jesus Synchronicities, Club of Rome Dream, The Wolf Spirit Animal, 410 Appearing & More

This report is going to feature some amazing synchronicities (in my opinion). As always discernment is advised here.

Some interesting things have been happening lately which I will share below. In the last several weeks I have been guided to expedite pretty much every single order of orgonite, regardless of the cost, including international shipments. The Higher Ups wanted them to go out and be delivered as quickly as possible. Many other things have been rushed as well for reasons I am unsure of yet.

I have been guided to pick up as much trash on the property here including cleaning out the areas where we have the animals. They are having me clean out and organize the RV. They are guiding me to not have any extra orgonite lying around and to just distribute it anywhere around here or anywhere else. Literally anywhere.

I don’t know exactly why this is all happening yet but there is always a divine reason. Another wonderful thing that happened was when I went to take a walk the other day, July 3rd, and go to a place near-by to do some inner work and release emotions. What was amazing was that this time I asked the Higher Ups to help me to get out what needed to get out and after talking these things out, and eventually yelling them out, I realized I had some blockages from things that happened many years ago that I wasn’t dealing with and was ignoring.

WHAT IS SHADOW WORK? – Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Another epiphany dawned upon me when this was happening. The place I was in, which I am being guided not to share anymore details about, was dark and filled with many spider webs. I needed a place to go where I could yell and scream without anyone hearing me because that’s what it takes to clear these emotions a lot of the time, for me at least.

I realized that this place was amazingly symbolic because it represented my subconscious. The part of my mind which I didn’t want to go to, the part that was neglected and untouched by my attention. Like this part of my mind, the place I was in was not being maintained or paid attention to so countless spiders had made it their home, as it hadn’t been touched for so long. I only went to this part of my mind briefly and then ignored it, thinking that’s all I had to do. It was a perfect moment in which my inner world was reflecting the outer world and after dealing with the issues head on, a beautiful release and healing occurred.

Afterwards I was guided to leave the place and close and fix things up there as there was some vandalism there. After this experience I felt so much more balanced and very expansive. Like I went far beyond my body and out into the world and the Universe. It was a big personal breakthrough. Now I feel much more balanced and ready to handle whatever happens. I feel at peace.

The project of working together with M Pike on the Message from the Stars music video was also rushed and I was expecting that video to come out later but the Higher Ups wanted it released ASAP and this occurred on July 3rd.

I’ve discovered in the past that the Higher Ups will have certain things happen/converge on certain days of year. In this case July 3rd is the 185th day of the year as it is a leap year:


What is interesting is that my birth time, 11:03, is the 185th prime number:



The next thing I will share is a documentation of a dream which was a series of dreams which I didn’t recall, I was only able to recall one of them, which occurred the morning of the above events and had to do with something I was being told was called the Roman Club of Red. This name/title stuck with me throughout the night until I woke up:


(In one dream that I partially remember which was connected to this group there was a big room like a large conference room where there was a stage that I think I was standing on and I think there was a list of things scrolling down a large projector screen behind me which seemed to feature an itinerary where certain people were being forced to have sex with animals or other creatures, possible extraterrestrials. I don’t remember much after that.)

When I tried to look it up I found information about a group called The Club of Rome which is basically a Cabal group with Rockefeller’s name attached to it.

After doing a little research while writing this I discovered that one of the co-founders of the Club of Rome is Aurelio Peccei and he was born on July 4th, which was the day after the dream occurred, July 3rd. He died on Pi day interestingly, March 14th, 3/14. So here we see this number appearing once again. When Pi appears that is a sign that it is God/Source influencing the synchronicity because Pi is eternal like God/Source. The amount of battery life at the time of the screenshot was 68% and interestingly the Club of Rome was founded in 1968.

I was guided to go to town yesterday and as usual I never know what is going to happen there or what I am going to be guided to do.

After dropping off a couple of books at the library I went to drop off my recyclables. After this I headed back towards town and was guided to stop and get groceries. What was amazing was that I was guided to get into a certain line and after the cashier asked about my 4th of July I told her I didn’t do much and that I also am vegan and I think right after I said that she replied that she was vegan too! It was an exciting moment! She was wearing some beautiful fluorite and selenite necklaces and I remembered that I had a piece of orgonite left over from the last pour I did which was in the car and asked if she would be interested and she agreed. What was funny was that I was talking to the bagger about how he collects coins and I was about to walk away and she reminded me that she was interested in that orgonite. So after going back to the car and giving the piece to her it was time to leave.

I was guided to go eat out and the order number was 177. So here we see the 1s and 7s appearing again which have continued to manifest:


If we plug 555 into Pi we see it takes position 177. When 555 appears it usually means big changes are coming:


The time on the receipt is 1:50 and this is gematria value of my full name:


At one point I was guided to head to Walmart. While in the parking lot there was a car parking in front of me which had 410 in the license plate:


While at the grocery store I was guided to get a photo of the PLU number on a tomato, 94664. This featured the sign post number 946 which appears to let me know the correct path is being taken:


If we plug 94664 into Pi we see it takes position right after the digits of 410:


Eventually I was guided to head towards the downtown area and find a parking space. There was an art sales event taking place around the park/courthouse and I was guided to start walking around. Not too far away from where I parked there was a booth which featured art with beautiful angel wings and this seemed to be a sign that the Higher Ups were involved with manifesting this situation.

I was then guided to a booth which featured a wall of beautiful butterfly magnets and pins where the 4 and 10 appeared together:



What was amazing was that it’s my mom’s birthday in a few days and I wasn’t thinking about it in town but she really likes butterflies. The Higher Ups kept giving me the energy of ‘stay’ until it dawned on me that it was her birthday and that I should buy her one. Over the past few days I had said out loud that I wanted to get her a present but I didn’t know what to get her. So thanks to the Higher Ups I have this beautiful butterfly and a beautiful synchronistic story to tell her about how I got it.

But the synchronicities didn’t stop there. I was guided to walk back to the car and get some food from the groceries I got and give them to a young man who had a sign attached to his bike. I gave him a few things and we started talking and eventually learned that his dog was mostly wolf. So here we saw my spirit animal appearing once again:


We must have talked for about 4 hours or more because it was around 9PM when we finally went our separate ways. We discussed metaphysics, dreams and everything in between and he eventually told me he had a Jesus dream many years ago. It was about him being told to go to a certain location, an abandoned factory, and then past the forest to a seemingly great length and after that was where he needed to go. It’s hard to say exactly what it meant but it was a powerful dream. He apparently saw Jesus in regular clothing looking homeless basically and then at some point in his white robes with white light around him I think. We talked about extraterrestrials and various movies and TV shows that tell the truth. He’s a sharp guy with a good heart and it was amazing chatting with him and hanging with his dog who was very friendly. He thought he was entity-possessed and so I did some affirmations and prayers for him to hopefully negate some of those negative influences he was experiencing.

What was funny was that the sign on his bike said ‘Just need weed’. And as we were talking about synchronicity and divine timing I think I remember him saying that he had recently put that sign up and then I showed up with some food. Jimmy, I hope you are able to find some good weed brother! Hang in there!

So today’s synchronicities are quite amazing, in my opinion, and it is a great pleasure to be able to experience them and share them here.

I was guided to go outside in the last couple of hours as of the time of this writing and I was getting an energy in my body pointing upwards. After a minute or so the energy was pointing directly at the sun and so I just stood outside facing the sun. After a little while of doing this I heard the number 595 being said on the Price is Right which was on in the garage/shop. I was immediately guided to go the shop and try to figure out which episode this was from.

After going back to the computer and doing some digging I discovered the episode and some incredible synchronicities.

The contestant had guessed one dollar in trying to figure out how much a product was worth so they could have a turn playing the games in the show and potentially win some prizes. The actual price of the product was $595.

What is amazing is that the number of letters in the bible verses I was shown in a dream on October 7th, 2017 which began The Jesus Synchronicities (John 4:4 – 4:10) is 595:



Interestingly there are 157 words that make up those verses and 157 is half of 314 so here we see Pi appearing once again. I’m being guided to include the gematria value of the sentence ‘Jonathan Patrick Carty is Playing the Role of Jesus Christ’ which is also 595:


The amount of time between the dream on October 7th, 2017 and the game show episode air date, January 20th, 2020 is 835 days:


If we multiply 8x3x5 we get 120, which was the episode air date:


If we plug 709 into Pi, which was the date I began compiling these reports onto one page (July 9th), we get 120:


While in town yesterday I was suddenly and strongly guided to get a screenshot of my phone:


The time was 16:46 (4:46 PM) and the battery percentage was 49%. After subtracting 49 from 1646 I got 1597:


And interestingly the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘ganzak‘ which means ‘treasure/treasury’. I’m not sure exactly what this is supposed to mean but I was strongly guided to include this.

I’m being guided to include this excerpt regarding the subject from

(Encyclopedia) Treasures in War

“…The defeated nation often was obliged to give up all of her treasures to the victor (Isa. 39:6ff.). For example, Shishak of Egypt took from Jerusalem the royal treasures, the Temple treasures, and everything else (i Kings 14:26 = ii Chron. 12:9). While no part of the ḥerem of Jericho after Joshua’s conquest could be taken by any Israelite, all the silver and gold, and the copper and iron vessels were to be added to the Temple treasury (Josh. 6:19, 24).

As part of Israel’s punishment, Babylon would carry off all of her treasures as spoil (Jer. 15:13; 17:3; 20:5); but the day would also come when Babylon would be punished in kind (Jer. 50:37). Likewise, Moab (Jer. 48:7) and the Ammonites (Jer. 49:4), who trusted in their treasures, and Edom (Jer. 49:10; cf. Obad. 6) would suffer the same consequences. In extra-biblical sources, the same situation prevailed in times of war…”

Perhaps this is a synchronicity which indicates that a treasure of some sort will come to manifest for humanity. This is no doubt what we are fighting for; liberation, free energy, spaceships, portal travel, ascension and so on.

This particular post number is 33263:


Adding these digits together results in the number 17. So here we see these digits appearing together again:


The origins of QAnon and the first dream I had with the bible verses are interesting. I had the dream 21 days before QAnon started posting (October 28th, 2017). Q is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and the date of the dream written in numbers is 10/7/17 so here we see 17 appearing together. I don’t know if this means anything but it is certainly thought-provoking (in my opinion).


Even more interesting is when we plug 21 into Pi we see it takes position behind 17 in the string of numbers:


Amazingly, the following email was just sent to me several minutes ago as of the time of this writing at 12:40 PM:


If we plug 1240 into Pi we see the digits 5558 appear which Benjamin Fulford talked about previously:


(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

If we plug 5558 into Pi we see it takes position 2359 which on a 24-hour clock would be one minute before midnight or that the clock was about to strike the hour:



Interesting times indeed, dear ones!

This is everything for now, much love all!

Adding this next part a little after publishing this. Today’s daily bible verse is about Jesus:


The gematria value of this verse is 310:


And the word assigned to this number, 310, in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anaboaó’ which means ‘I shout upwards, cry out, raise my voice’. Perhaps this is supposed to emphasize the message in the verse.

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