List of ET and Earth groups involved with our liberation

I have combed the entirety of Cobra’s blog and have found all of the different positive groups involved with Earth’s liberation. This liberation effort is MASSIVE and involves beings and groups from all over the galaxy. All eyes on on Earth right now as what is happening here has never been done before. According to David Wilcock and other individuals with accurate knowledge, Earth is referred to as The Grand Experiment. We have the genetic material of 40 different ET groups in all of us. No other planet works the way this one works and you must remember that you volunteered to come here and assist in its liberation. The Cabal is on its way out and you can see this happening where I post about things that are reaching the mainstream media and also other blogs that put out intel regularly. I implore everyone to exercise their best discernment and remember that no one is forcing you to believe anything. You can choose to believe or toss aside any information that you come across. =]

All of these groups were found on Cobra’s blog at If you want to find out information on these groups just type in the name in the search bar on the right side of the blog and it will bring up posts where that name comes up.

Below this list is a representation of the position of the ships that surround Earth and the Moon. There are billions more ships that are parked in our skies and in the solar system. Like I said, this is not a small undertaking.

And now without further adieu:

Anonymous (made up of positive factions in the alphabet agencies along with humanity)
Agartha Network/City of Agartha
Ashtar Command
Brotherhood of the Star
Blue Dragons
CIA (positive factions)
Central Civilization/Wingmakers
Esoteric Brotherhood
FBI (positive factions)
Dou Mu (chinese goddess)
Galactic Confederation
Gnostic Illuminati
Michael (codename for resistance group)/The Organization
NATO (positive factions)
NSA (positive factions)
NYMZA Secret Society
Ordo Bucintoro
Penatgon (positive factions)
Positive Military
Pythagorean Order
Red Dragons
Resistance Movement
Round-op Alpha
Saint Germaine
Sisterhood of the Rose
Templars/Faction 2/White Hats
The Dragon Gate
Thule Society
White Dragon Society
White Nobility

This picture has a link to the website where I obtained it from.

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