Some Significant Biblical and Other Synchronicities

I know I’ve written some crazy stuff before but this is going to be one of the craziest for sure.

Okay I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to write these synchronicities out. Bare with me. Also, just a disclaimer here, I am not sure if this is something I am supposed to be posting but it is something that grabbed my attention. Those reading this can do what they will with it. I would say again that although I am not big on religious ‘anything’, ‘they’ are guiding me to more and more religious content which contains personal synchronicities that ‘they’ would like posted here.

I want to say also that I am not judging anyone based on their beliefs, I respect people’s beliefs and try to encourage people to think for themselves (this is why I post links and sources to as much as possible so people can check it for themselves and make up their own minds.)

So while browsing YouTube’s home page I saw this religious end-times video with a user named 2028 End. For some reason, I decided to click on it. I really don’t care for fear porn or fear-related videos in general, especially religious ones. So many of them seem to have a common theme = fear, convert or your soul is doomed.

Some might remember from yesterday’s post where I described stories about people with biblical names appearing more frequently in my life. One of the most recent, which prompted said post, was my neighbor named Gabriel, who introduced himself yesterday as of the time of this writing.

Interestingly, the YouTube URL name for this 2028 End channel is Gabriel Ansley:

2028 End (Of The World)

Now according to various sources Archangel Gabriel is known as one of the messengers of God/Source/The All/The Universe etc.:

The gematria value of Gabriel in Hebrew is 246:


This number just appeared in a previous post where I wrote about a divinely-guided walk I had just before I moved (‘They’ walked me to a street with the name Monte Cristo =  Christ Mountain, and in front of a house with the last four digits of my social security number as its address.)

It appeared on the date that post was published:


Putting this number 246 into Pi manifested the same number but with an added 2:


Putting in the number 5555 (the address of the hospital I was born and worked at) manifested the same number but with a couple extra digits:


The main website for 2028 End is filled with information pertaining to the end of the world and a lot of scripture. But what caught my eye was not only the name Gabriel (I felt the emotion of ‘PAY ATTENTION’ when I saw it) but also the dream that the creator of the website had pertaining to seeing numbers on the Sun, in particular the number 28. Much of the website is focused on the Second Coming of Jesus:

(2028 End)

“In the early morning hours of 13 of March, 2013, while sleeping, I had a troubling dream. In my dream (Job 33:15, Acts 2:17) I saw the Sun(Genesis 1:14 … “Signs and years”, Ps 84:11 … “God is a Sun”) slowly changing its shape, and its brightness became dim like a full moon. In the centre of the Sun I saw the number “21” (Lk 21:25) which was very thin. The number began increasing by 21 to 22, 23, and finally to 24. Next, the sky turned dark and gloomy and scary just like before an upcoming storm. Then I saw visions of fallen lamp posts and torn down high tension wires.

Initially, the number 21 was increasing … 22 .. 23 .. 24 … just like a digital clock. But after the vision of the fallen lamp post and torn down high tension wires, the Sun began to be filled with a huge number 28. It was so vividly clear and it expanded until it completely filled the Sun.

When this happened, I heard with unusual clarity distinct voices (Job 33:16) similar to what you hear wearing stereo headphones, which I have never before heard in life, proclaiming boldly, “JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING!”. The voices were very unique, and I heard them as soon as the number 28 began filling up the Sun. The voices came from both my left and my right. It was like three or four people all lined-up in a row, and their proclamation came one after the other in perfect sequence. Then I woke up from my sleep.”

So to summarize, this man dreamt of seeing the number 28 fill the Sun and while this was happening he began to hear people boldly proclaming in his ears that Jesus was coming multiple times.

This stuck out very much for me since I have been strongly guided to create three videos based on the Solar Flash and the Sun in general = The Solar Flash 432Hz, The Age of Aquarius 432Hz and The Solar Sneeze 432Hz (Lots of things in threes!)

Now this is where I might be drawing conclusions where there might not be but I am going to share these things regardless.

I’ve never written about this next part before because it seemed too wild to share but last year during our meditation for Hurricane Irma something interesting happened. At nearly the moment all of us started meditating at 9:00 AM (Arizona time on September 10th 2017, a solar ‘kill shot’ occurred six minutes later at 9:06 AM (AZ time):

What was interesting about this event was that it was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a mass meditation video.

What is also interesting is that the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 906, the same as the time the solar flare occurred (and also the date this article was published = September 6th = 9/06, based on WordPress’ time, today is still 9/05 in Arizona):

906 jesus.png

Now moving on, the number 28 appears occasionally throughout the Jesus Synchronicities.

The number 28 takes position 33 in Pi (which is allegedly how many years Jesus lived and a number that appears very often in the details of my life):


I also happen to 28 years old at this time.

The gematria value of my full name using the simplest cipher is 228 which is another reason why the 2028 End website caught my eye:


If we add 410 (my birthday) plus 28 we get 438. If we input 438 into Pi we get 1681:


1681 is the root number when get we multiply 410 by 410:


Another interesting synchronicity worth noting is my birth date and year being added together which equals 33 (one of the many 33s that appear in my life) and the upcoming date November 11th, 2018 which also equals 33 adding the same digits:


QAnon has made this date a signature once before. Interestingly it happens to be Q’s 1234th posting and we even see a 444 in the timestamp:


Now no one knows for sure what that 11.11.18 means. Although we do know that November 11th, 1918 was the day World War I ended:

Many people reading this blog and elsewhere are already aware of the significance of the number 11:11 in regards to synchronicity and spiritual communication from ‘them’. This number also appeared in my life in a very big way. When you enter 1111 into Pi you will find my old apartment address exactly 11 digits over to the right:



I would also add here that this particular post is number 23465. So here we see a 5-digit sequence almost in order, but all present nonetheless:


I think this is everything they wanted documented at this time. Thanks for checking it out everyone and I wish everyone much love as always <3

PS After archiving this post I saw the page that was loading saved it with a 333 in the timestamp:


PPS Okay here is another crazy one. While editing and putting the final touches on this piece I can hear my grandpa playing his playlist of music outside and it happens to be a song about Shamballa:


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