Dream Synchronicities, Storm & Other Synchronicities

There have been several interesting synchronicities which have manifested today which will be shared below. As usual it is up to each person to decide if they want to continue reading or disregard these posts based on their Free Will. Not everything is going to resonate with everyone and that’s okay.

So I was guided to go back and do a little more research on the dream I had last December:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.

The number 3444 gave me some amazing knowledge which was documented in posts after that dream occurred. But what didn’t occur to me was to see if that number correlated to anything in Strong’s Concordance. When I looked up the word assigned to that number I found that it went perfectly with the context of that dream. The word is ‘Yeshuah’ (יְשׁוּעָה) which translates to ‘Salvation‘ and is the name Jesus is known by.

Another number which has been manifesting a lot lately is a combination of 2s and 3s, specifically like 223, 233, 2223 and so on. This number 2223 appears as the amount of hours that the water pump in this RV has been used. I haven’t used it (except to test it briefly when we first got it) since the water is supplied via the hose:


I decided to subtract this number 2223 from 3444 from the dream and I got an interesting hit = 1221, which was the date I had that dream which was just mentioned = December 21st:


A reminder that a medallion with Jesus on it came with the RV:


The next number which has been appearing a lot lately is 244. This first appeared on the amount of money I got when I cashed in my coins on August 8th:


It appeared again when I went to visit town today for a few things. I got the emotion to turn around and go to the thrift store. When I was walking around there were several synchronicities which jumped out. The first was the time 2:44 appearing on a digital clock in one section, except it was actually before noon when I got there:


After that I found some metallic numbers stacked on top of each other. Amazingly, it was three 5s, another appearance of this number manifesting, this time in a big way in the waking world:


After walking around some more I found my spirit animal the Wolf appearing on some water bottles:


And right after leaving the store I went down the road and saw 442 on a dumpster which is the reverse of 244:


If we plug the current year, 2019, into Pi we see it takes position 244:


I got the transaction number 9864 on a receipt from the store later on:


And if we plug this into Pi we see 244 in the position number AND the sign post/dream number 659 in the string of numbers:


Okay so I decided to combine all of these numbers and see what would happen. I believe I got a hit when I subtracted as follows (3444 – 2223 – 555 – 244) which equals 422:


Interestingly the gematria value of ‘Storm’ in Greek (λαιλαπος = lailapos, “a sudden storm, squall, whirlwind, hurricane”) is 422:


While at the library today I saw a book on the corner whose title was ‘Storm Rising’:


This goes along with the dream mentioned in the beginning of this report where a huge storm was unleashed.

While at the store the other day a message on a kid’s shirt jumped out:


Who else is ready for a space adventure?!

Just today I got a random spam text message which had the magic number 410 in the message:


And very interestingly, in synchronistic step with today’s date (which is also a Full Moon), where several synchronicities manifested, which were documented previously, today is the date the tags expire on the car. Pi (314) also appears in the number on the side by the tag sticker:


I was hoping for some slam-dunk synchronicities today but I’m afraid these will have to do. This is everything for now, much love all!

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2 Responses to Dream Synchronicities, Storm & Other Synchronicities

  1. a says:

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing. The other day my grocery store receipt was for exactly $33.33, which made me pause and take note. 🙂

  2. thankyourmuse says:

    Well, those seem pretty significant to me…I notice things like this too, but that is alot for one day!
    I am sure there are more than I notice and sometimes wonder what the heck the message is…
    Like between my crazy wild dreams and things that happen. It’s great to read how you pull it all together. I wished I had my dream books here and the ‘time’ to decipher the signs between the two. I do know dreams do answer questions when you focus on them at night before falling asleep.
    Very interesting about the synchronicities between the RV and Yeshua…etc.

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