Liberation Synchronicities, Cabal Space Program Dream & Other Synchronicities

This will also be a relatively short and not-so-number-dense post just like the last one. I am really excited to share this particular report because of a very interesting liberation-related synchronicity which manifested today.

Just after doing the Flower of Life meditation I kind of went into an auto-pilot kind of mode (trance I suppose) and started humming this familiar tune all of the sudden. When I applied attention to this tune I got a feeling that it was something important. So I tried to remember the lyrics to it and I had to reach waaaaay back in my brain to my teen years to remember this song.

When I finally figured out the song title I was so amazed, it was ‘The Great Escape’ by Boys Like Girls. Then I looked at the lyrics and was even more excited:

“…Throw it away
Forget yesterday
We’ll make the great escape
We won’t hear a word they say
They don’t know us anyway
Watch it burn
Let it die
‘Cause we are finally free tonight…

Tonight will change our lives
It’s so good to be by your side
But we’ll cry
We won’t give up the fight
We’ll scream loud at the top of our lungs
And they’ll think it’s just ’cause we’re young
And we’ll feel so alive…”

I think the message is to get ready to throw away the Matrix, let it burn down and finally die. Obviously no one knows when The Event is going to happen. But for the past several months I have been getting the most intense and excited synchronicities. Like the higher forces that are manifesting them to be shared on this blog are SO SO SO EXCITED.

Just to name a few:

Dancing/Bounding Spider:

Poems I was guided to write down regarding liberation (words were not coming from my own mind but as telepathic emotions in my whole body from a higher and very excited force):

(Untitled) April 8th, 2019 23:33 (11:33 PM)

The time is near, the time is near!
It’s almost time for cheer ’round here!

The time is close we’re almost there,
The eleventh hour is where we are.

Prepare yourselves for such a blast,
A dance, a dance to leave all in the past!

A new world to celebrate again and again,
The time of our lives to infinity and beyond!

Let’s share this moment in brilliant glee,
And open our hearts to ye and thee!

Our pace outshines the dreadful past,
As we leave the demons behind distant glass.

Share with me a burst of joy as we begin
The new age with love forever more!

Glory, glory to the Infinite One,
Who showers each being with endless love!

We pardon and excuse without any effort
As conflict and drama are far far behind us!

We live, we love without even trying
And people rejoice because there is no lying!

Oh pain, what pain? This word shan’t be used,
It’s left in the old world, it won’t be remembered.

Take heed of these words they’re as true as can be,
For what waits each of you is beyond what you think!

Who am I? I am you, but I see what will happen,
Since now is the time, it’s time to get crackin’!

My friends, dear friends it’s almost that hour,
Where hatred is gone and it has no more power!

Time’s speeding up, it goes faster and faster,
Get ready for heaven to replace this disaster!

May 27th, 2018 (Untitled)

“Tick tock the hands on the clock
Approach the final hour
My brothers and sisters are
Ever close to drinking
From freedom’s chalice.

A thirst gone unquenched for time immemorial.
Slavery, oppression and the mighty boot of the empire.
Release its knot so tightly constricting the people.

And their hearts flutter as their chains fall
and cage doors fly open!

Rejoice! Rejoice! The kingdom is once again ours!
An age so golden awaits with open arms!

To once again restore and renew all which has been inverted.
The old, what old? It does not come into mind.

Only new, only love, forever more,
Share with me a chant of glory

From the sun, our sun, in everlasting peace!”

So before going to town yesterday I was guided to bring a little orgonite heart with me and no other pieces. On the way back I stopped at a gas station and while checking out I got the very strong emotion to give that piece to the woman who was the cashier. She replied by saying “oh this is exactly what I need right now I think I’m going to cry!”

So then I went to pump the gas and she came out to the car and said thank you again and I gave her a hug and told her everything was going to be okay and that this experience was a positive sign.

After that I saw the 555 appearing again on a church bus:


The number 9591 appeared as the transaction number on a receipt at the store:


If we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 414 which we just saw the other day:


The amount of time between the two dreams I had about the Galactic Wave of Love is 414 days:


On the way back home I got the sudden emotion/pull to stop at the thrift store. So I went inside and they (higher forces) gave me the emotion to move into one specific spot for a minute or two. It was very strange (it usually is because I never know what they want me to do) because there wasn’t anything remarkable where I was standing. When I tried to move away they gave me the emotion to go back and stand right there.

Well what was there? An exercise ball, a plastic drawer container thing and an air purifier, most attention going to the purifier:


So I couldn’t figure out why they wanted me to focus on this air purifier when I was there but since I typed out the word ‘purifier’ I think that was the point of the experience. The Earth and the population are going to be purified by the Galactic Wave of Love. This is just a guess though. Anyone else have any other guesses?

After that small fiasco I got the emotion to go over to the books section and they guided me to one specific book titled ‘Before the Dawn’. This seemed to be a message that we are at the darkest point right before the dawn (The Event). Additionally as synchronistic the publisher’s name which is also on the book is ‘Guideposts’:


So perhaps this combination of experiences means that the Earth is going to be purified soon and we are at the point Before the Dawn.

After that I got the emotion/guidance that I was free to walk about the store and just look around which I did and then headed home.

And finally I had a dream yesterday where it appeared that the Cabal’s space set-ups (programs perhaps AKA escape routes) were being investigated:


This intel was already known so definitely use discernment with that dream and with all information on this blog.

The number 205 has been appearing a lot more lately. Interestingly if we plug 810 into Pi we see it takes position 205. 8/10 was the date I stopped the juice fast. And the sign post/dream number 659 appears in the string of numbers:


And of course we know 205 is half of 410.

Interestingly according to Strong’s Concordance the Greek word assigned to the number 205 is ‘akrothinion‘ which translates to “top of a heap, first-fruits, spoil, treasure (taken in war)”. Perhaps this means that we are going to inherit the treasures from this epic war (suppressed advanced technology, etc.) and more. Once again this is just one possible meaning of this number appearing. ‘They’ have been giving me a lot of these biblical numbers lately though and very reliably I might add. Everything has meaning, especially as it relates to the operations to liberate this planet.

Okay so I really didn’t wish to post this next thing but I am getting the emotion that I need to. It is today’s daily bible verse:


If I can perhaps summarize my own interpretation of this in case it gives anyone else a similar off-putting reaction. And all of this is wisdom from experience. ‘Repenting’ means getting your life straightened out and apparently it’s not too late to get some more progress in if you can. Changing your diet (plant-based is ideal, now easier than ever), learning to recycle, exercising more (more care of the body) and ESPECIALLY inner-work. This including addressing childhood trauma (the root of most people’s problems) and learning to forgive others and the self (one of the hardest things to do). For me personally, I eat my feelings and this has been a continuous struggle for many years.

You don’t need to be religious to heed this extremely valuable advice. Because self-improvement is a win-win no matter who you are. Hurt people hurt people. That’s just how it is and when someone sees past other people’s behavior and doesn’t take it at face-value like way too many people do, then you see there is a hurting person inside. This ability to see through people happens when you do inner-work on yourself. Everyone becomes transparent.

But of course it’s up to each person to do this. The natural alarm system built into your body and mind will always try to tell you what you need to do to evolve. Additionally, everyone around you is a mirror of yourself trying to communicate something you need to learn or heal. Most of the time it comes down to a lack of love (usually from childhood).

Every person is different obviously so everyone would need to figure out what the best solution is for themselves. But holding a mirror up to yourself is a great first step. ONLY brutal honesty will help you. This is key.

So anyways this is everything for now, much love all!

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