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Requesting Positive Intentions and Prayers for Younger Brother Right Now

He and his wife have been going through an ugly separation and we found out he has been admitted to a psych ward and is on a suicide watch for 72 hours. If anyone feels guided to send some positive … Continue reading

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Possible Astrological Alignment/Sign Given in Dream, Second Coming & Other Synchronicities

So this morning I had a very interesting dream where I was shown a possible astrological alignment or sign along with an emphasis on the sign post number 659. The time I finished documenting this dream was 1:55 AM and … Continue reading

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Big Synchronicity Report, Amazing Synchronistic Story, Gaia Portal Message & Other Synchronicities, 410 Appearing More, Prophetic Dreams, Harry Potter Movie Synchronicities

My apologies about not writing anything for the past several days. It has actually been nice to take a small break from it as it really is a work-out for the mind. We are still in the process of moving … Continue reading

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New Video: Justice is Coming II 432Hz

So over the past several weeks I have been guided to document certain scenes from TV shows and movies which I didn’t realize would be going into a future video due to the amount of writing that I have been … Continue reading

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Dream About Huge Importance of Cobra’s Information, Cobra Blog Synchronicities & Possible Memory Before Quarantine Earth Surfacing

So this is definitely an unexpected post but one that is being stressed as very important right now. Last night I was guided to go to the beginning of Cobra’s blog and analyze the information there and there were some … Continue reading

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More Synchronistic Numbers and Biblical Information (Jacob’s Ladder) Given in Dreams

So today I am feeling quite tired as there were several things that needed to be done today which required an early wake up, which included documenting a couple of dreams. There were several dreams that I was shown which … Continue reading

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1859 Solar Flare “Carrington Event” Synchronicites, Synchronistic Numbers Dream

So I was subtly prompted to look into the details of the massive coronal mass ejection from the sun in 1859 which knocked out communication systems for a short time. This was called ‘The Carrington Event’ and was named after … Continue reading

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